The best and the worst of 2014: Morning Musume '14's top 5 MV's

Morning Musume '14's top 5 MV's
This year had a lot of great Morning Musume songs, as we have seen in my song ranking, but today we are going to have a look at the bigger picture! I have made a top 5 of the best Morning Musume '14 MV's (according to me)! So let's start part 2 of the best and the worst of 2014!

Number 5
Password is 0 made it into my MV top 5 with TIKI BUN following very close behind it. Overall the MV was pretty boring: a normal close-up and dance-shot MV. But the girls did all look fabulous and the Matrix like effects really fitted the theme. Another thing that made the MV good was the dance. I really liked the Zero parts were they make zero's! This MV was not the best of Morning Musume '14, but it was pretty nice. 

Number 4
At number 4 we find the very pink Shabadabadoo~. I think this MV is a little masterpiece. It fits the song, it's cute and it has a lot of diffrent shots. There is so much to see in this MV, that whenever you watch it, there is always something new. Sayumi looked beautiful in every shot and she really made it even more fun to watch. This MV is at spot 4, because the top 3 was just a little bit more amazing! But Sayumi deserves a spot in the top 5, because the MV was just awsome.

Number 3
Number 3 is my favorite song of 2014 from Morning Musume '14! It's Toki wo koe, Sora wo koe. If I am absolutely honest, Shabadabadoo might be a little bit better if we look at the MV alone. BUT the MV of Toki wo koe in combination with the song tops it. I really love how the MV fits the song so perfect, I can never hear the song without seeing this MV in my head. The effects are specteculair and really make the girls stand out. They look so extremely beautiful in this MV! I really loved the galaxy like setting. 

Number 2
At number two we have a very suprising MV.  Egao no kimi wa Taiyou sa was so refresh and so diffrent from the previous MV's. I loved the effects, the white and how cute everybody looked. The song had a very nice sound to it and the effects fitted so perfect to it. I was really suprised at how much I could love a greenscreen MV. I really enjoyed the "friend" shots, which looked so energetic. The smiles and the fun in this MV really got to me and made me love this song even more. 

At number 1 we have a MV that was so diffrent from all MV's this year, it had to be number one. It's a MV with such a beautiful message and so much feeling:
Number 1
What got me most in this MV is the beautiful setting and the whole letter writing and reading part. It was all very emotional and it made such a great goodbye. Michishige looked stunning, such a beauty. I really adored how they did her scenes and how she was always looking back. The part with the letters was the absolute best. Kudo's tear really made me feel the whole emotion of this MV. I really loved how japanese this all looked and felt. There are so many good parts in this MV. The whole version (which should be the one showing above) has just a little bit more of the letters. We get a little reaction from all the girls and a letter to the fans. Overall this MV was super smart and a beautiful goodbye to Michishige Sayumi. 


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