Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Special Generation

Let's have a look at one of my all time favorite Berryz Koubou singles! I have loved this single since the first time I heared it and I have been in about 200 fandubs of it (nah like 5).
Special Generation
Single number: 6th single
Year: 2005
Singles sold: 24,449
Versions: 2

1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it?
I heared it first on youtube and I loved it from first listen. The song just got me and still does.
2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture)
Maiha! She is so adorable here.
3. What do you like about this song and MV?
I like how this song is really cool and fresh! The MV is really sparkly and cool. I really like how it highlights the girls.
4. What do you dislike about this song or MV?
I dislike that Maiha, Saki, Chinami and Maasa are kinda backup vocals and dancers in this song.
5. What do you think of the outfits?
Very 2005! I would have loved an outfit like this back then!
6. Post a video of your favorite preformance of this song.
7. What is your favorite line in this song?
8. If this song was ever preformed as a shuffle, who would you want to sing it?
Morning Musume '15!
9. What is your favorite cover?
10. Do you own this song on cd?
Yes I believe I do! Isn't this one on the Special Berikyuu album from the Japan Expo?


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