Last days of 2014, Country Girls and Digimon Adventure Tri

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all had an awsome Christmas! I can't really believe it is already over...
Currently it's snowing outside, but not the good fluffy kind. No the wet and very slippery kind. 
I really love snow as long as it's real, fluffy snow.... But sadly it's not... So everyone in the Netherlands (and any other place ofcourse), be careful!
We are almost at the end of 2014. Another year has gone by like that. 2015 will be another year full of change and new things! I can't wait for some of them.
Country Girls is one of them. I am really exited for the group! I am even exited for Momoko being their. The first group pictures look so cute and promising! This group will do very good.

Another thing I can't wait for is Digimon Adventure Tri. 
The first art and the name for the new anime are finally released and I can't wait for more. I am not a big fan of the huge change in art style, but if it's my beloved Digimon, it will be fine. I can not wait to go back into their world and once again be part of their Digimon team.
Sadly the Anime won't be released until Spring 2015, so we will have to wait a little bit more. But it will probably be worth waiting for, just like Sailor moon Crystal. If only they made a Cardcaptor Sakura Anime that would be closer to the Manga... 

Anyway guys, I wanna already wish you a beautiful end of the year and many good years to come! I teally hope you had a great year and stay save with the fireworks and stuff!!



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