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Morning Coffee: Yanagihara Hiromi

Today we are doing another Morning Coffee. It's gonna be a special one, because it's about Yanagihara Hiromi, who sadly died today 17 years ago.
Yanagihara Hiromi In a time far before most of us became H!P fans, Country Musume was formed. Three members from Hokkaido. The girls auditioned for the group by doing physical labor on a farm in Hokkaido. The group would be a special group and the girls had to have the "Hokkaido" feeling. Hokkaido was know as the countryside of Japan, so the girls whould have to represent that.  Soon after three girls were choosen: Rinne, Kobayashi Azusa and Yanagihara Hiromi. With the help of Moritaka Chisato and Nakazawa Yuko the group recorded their first song and music video.  The girls had already appeared in a movie and made several tv appearances, when on the 16th of July 1999 Hiromi died in a car accident.  Hiromi was driving in Hokkaido alone around 5.00 p.m. Her car crashed into a ditch and left Hiromi trapped beneath her car. The …

Morning Coffee: Current members!

I thought of another Morning Coffee! I was watching a serie in which Michishige Sayumi was living from 10,000 yen for a month. Morning Musume came to visit her and I saw all those young faces and couldn't stop yelling AWW! So today I wanted to look back at the current Morning Musume members and how they looked when they first joined!
Morning Musume babies! Let's start with our leader: Fukumura Mizuki-chan! Fuku-chan was ofcourse a kenshuusei before joining Morning Musume, but she was such a cutie when she just got in. I remember thinking of her as already quite a mature girl, but seeing her back now, she was so tiny and cute! I mean look at her now! She has gotten so mature and beautiful!  Ikuta-chan was also so tiny! Look at her hair, it was so long back then. I remember everyone calling her awkward and when we look at her pictures from now, she improved so much! Ikuta was a cute little baby and her black long hair was so beautiful! However she looks like a photomodel now and…

H!P Treasure box: Morito Chisaki

And we are back with another treasure box! I haven't done this in quite some time, so let's get started right away! Today we have: Morito Chisaki Name: Morito Chisaki Nickname: Chii, Chii-chan Birthday: Febuary 19, 2000 (Age: 16) Group: Country Girls
1. What do you like about this member?  Chii-chan is super cute and beautiful. Her singing is really good and cute! I really love her signature ponytail. 2. What do you dislike about this member? Not much actually. She is really fun and cute, so what's not to like? 3. When was the first time you saw this member? Country Girls! ofcourse ;) 4. How did she look? (Picture) 5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in? 6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Itooshikutte Gomen ne/Koi Dorobou! 7. What is a preformance you really enjoy of this member? Cutie singing a cute song! 
8. What song would you like to see this member preform?
Something cute and not to fast. Shabadabadoo maybe? 9. Post three of your favorite pict…

H!P Reviews: Resonant Blue

Yes, I know. I am starting another column eventhough I do not write that often. Yet I actually really wanted to write more about H!P singles and what I think about them! I mean I adore H!P and the big thing about H!P is ofcourse their singles and albums!! So that's why I started this new column. I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know what your opinion is about certain singles!
Today we are going to look at Resonant Blue. I had quite a hard time deciding which single/album would be done first, but when I searched for Hello!Project on Youtube this was the first song to come up. So let's go back to the platinum era and have a look at Resonant Blue.  Information Resonant Blue is the 36th single of Morning Musume. It was released in 2008 in 5 versions (2 Limited editions, Regular edition, Single V and Event V). The members for this single were: Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika, Junjun and Linlin. It sold 55,…

Inaba Manaka: Will she come back?

Before I start, this is my own opinion and in no way the truth. These are my views on current events and past events. We will see what happens later on.  Inaba Manaka is a member of Country Girls and a former H!P Kenshuusei.
Sadly she had to announce her haitus in the end of April due to her astma. Her break will be until after the Hello!Project summer concerts, which will last until september. A lot of fans are scared she might not return and the question is, how big is this chance?  So here I wanna tell you guys about my thoughts on this subject.
Do I think Manaka will come back? I honestly do not know.
The Hello!Project history is not really in her favor for as far as I know.  Some of you might remember Arihara Kanna, who was an original member of C-ute. The girl in green is Arihara Kanna, she was the only Hello!Pro Egg that ever joined C-ute and the only non H!P Kids member. Kanna suddenly announced a haitus in febuary of 2009 because she had trouble preforming. The official statem…