H!P Treasure box: Morito Chisaki

And we are back with another treasure box! I haven't done this in quite some time, so let's get started right away! Today we have:
Morito Chisaki
Name: Morito Chisaki
Nickname: Chii, Chii-chan
Birthday: Febuary 19, 2000 (Age: 16)
Group: Country Girls

1. What do you like about this member?
 Chii-chan is super cute and beautiful. Her singing is really good and cute! I really love her signature ponytail.
2. What do you dislike about this member?
Not much actually. She is really fun and cute, so what's not to like?
3. When was the first time you saw this member?
Country Girls! ofcourse ;)
4. How did she look? (Picture)
5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in?
6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Itooshikutte Gomen ne/Koi Dorobou!
7. What is a preformance you really enjoy of this member?
Cutie singing a cute song! 
8. What song would you like to see this member preform?
Something cute and not to fast. Shabadabadoo maybe?
9. Post three of your favorite pictures of this member.
10. What is your best memory of this girl?
Mm, good question. Maybe her push in Wakateiru?
Bonus question:
If you met this girl tomorrow, what would you tell her?
Chii-chan! Please don't say sorry for being adorable!!


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