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Morning Musume Month: Master Post

For Morning Musume's 20th anniversary I planned a month of posts about our favorite girls! I have seriously no idea what I am going to post yet, but the ideas are coming as we go! You can at least expect posts about our girls and their generations, posts about their songs, concerts and photobooks! Please look forwards to them! See you in October!
10th gen
64th single review

Juice=Juice in Dortmund

Sunday I finally went to the Juice=Juice world tour concert in Dortmund. It was so amazing, I have so much to talk about!
Before  As I am from the Netherlands, my brother and I planned to go by train. It would take us about 4 hours to get there, but oh well. We took about two trains in the Netherlands and two in Germany. The trips was actually fine. It didn't feel like a long trip and Germany is just so beautiful. There is so much to see! In Dortmund, it was pretty busy as there also was something with soccer. Our hotel was really close to the station. It was really big and pretty, which made me wonder if we were at the right hotel. It was the right hotel, so we checked in and got our stuff togheter. We were on the top floor and had a few of the building next to us. We could almost see the FZW from our room! We got our stuff and our tickets and went out to eat. Ofcourse we went to McDonalds' and got some delicious chicken wings. Guys, we don't have these in the Netherlands…

Juice=Juice week: Miyazaki Yuka

Miyazaki Yuka The only non-kenshuusei member of Juice=Juice Name: Miyazaki Yuka Nickname: Yukanyan Color: Peach (pink) Birthday: April 2, 1994 (23) Joined H!P: Febuary, 2013
Miyazaki Yuka is actually the odd one in Juice=Juice. She is the only member who joined Hello!Project through Juice=Juice, while all the other members were already part of Hello!Project. Yuka participated in the S/mileage new member auditions and made it to the final rounds. She, however, failed the auditions and would disappear for a while. In the next year, Yuka participated in the Forest Award NEW FACE auditions and won the Promotional Award. That same year, Yuka debutted into Satoyama group Green Fields alongside Shimizu Saki and Mitsui Aika, releasing two singles with the group.  In Febuary of 2013, it was announced that Yuka would join Hello!Project by becoming a member of a new group. She later on became the leader, as she was the oldest of the group. She still is, with her 23 year, one of the oldest member…

Juice=Juice week: Kanazawa Tomoko

Kanazawa Tomoko The Rose Quartz Name: Kanazawa Tomoko Nickname: KanaTomo, Rose Quartz Color: Apple (red) Birthday: July 2, 1995 (22) Joined H!P: November, 2012
Tomoko entered a contest in 2012, which won her a preformance with Berryz Koubou as the opening act of the Hello!Pro summer concert of august 18. She won togheter with her sister Fumiko and another girl. Not long after, Tomoko auditioned for the Ocean Music Awards Shinjin Hakkutsu Audition of 2012 and made it to the finals. She was later asked to join the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei. Tomoko was introduced in November of that year, however started in January of 2013. Not long after this she was announced as a member of a new group with Takagi Sayuki, Miyamoto Karin, Otsuka Aina, Uemura Akari and Miyazaki Yuka. When Tsunku announced the groups debut, Tomoko was announced the sub-leader of Juice=Juice. She earned her nickname, Rose Quartz, not long after. The second single of Juice=Juice has a song called Ijiwaru Shinaide de Dakishimete …

Juice=Juice week: How I prepare for the Juice=Juice concert in Dortmund

In just a few days I will be traveling to Dortmund to finally meet and see Juice=Juice! I have been dreaming of this moment eversince the group was announced and now it is here. I have only ever been to one concert by BerryzxC-ute and one live-event/mini concert by Hangry&Angry/Ishikawa Rika & Yoshizawa Hitomi, so I am really excited for this!
The moment I heared Juice=Juice would come to France, UK and Germany, I was really happy. I live in the Netherlands which is inbetween these countries, so one of the location was going to be do-able for me! I actually thought their Germany concert would surely be in Berlin or Munchen, not in Dortmund! Dortmund is way closer to my home! My younger brother will come with me to Dortmund, eventhough he is by no means a Juice=Juice fan. He does really love Japan and thought this would be a nice concert. Last time, for the BerryzXC-ute concert, I didn't really prepare to much. I had some thing I wanted to say to the girls, and that was ab…

Juice=Juice week: Takagi Sayuki

Takagi Sayuki The vocally strong super Monkey! Name: Takagi Sayuki Nickname: Sayubee Color: Lemon Birthday: April 21, 1997 (20) Joined H!P: November, 2009
Sayuki is another longserving Hello!Pro member! She was introduced a year after Miyamoto Karin. Sayuki has been part of a Movie, several plays and participated in almost all auditions held since she joined Hello!Project. Sayuki was choosen to be a member of Juice=Juice in Febuary of 2013 and got the color/fruit Lemon. She soon became the vocal power-house and still wows us with her amazing voice.  Sayuki released her own Blu-ray called "Greetings ~Takagi Sayuki~" and she was part of a Satoyama unit called Triplet, with Okai Chisato and Kudo Haruka. They released a shared single with two other Satoyama Units, with their song being Dream Last Train. November 2016, Sayuki announced she was having trouble singing and breathing during her preformances and that this was because of Vocal cord nodule, which she had for quite some …

Juice=Juice week: Miyamoto Karin

Miyamoto Karin The center of Juice=Juice Name: Miyamoto Karin Nickname: Karin Color: Grape Birthday: December 1, 1998 (18) Joined H!P: November, 2008
Miyamoto Karin is the longest serving Hello!Pro member in Juice=Juice. she has been part of Hello!Pro since 2008, which means she was only 10 at the time she joined! Due to her cute face and small posture, she has been a fan favorite ever since and has had a lot of oppertunities during her time as an Egg/Kenshuusei as well as in Juice=Juice.  Karin partcipated in a lot of plays and was choosen to be a member of Shin Mini Moni, during the shuffle unit campaign, alongside Linlin (MM), Fukuda Kanon (S/m) and Takeuchi Akari (Egg). She was one out of three Eggs that were choosen to be part of these shuffle units! In 2011, she participated in the S/mileage new member auditions and made it to the finals. Sadly Karin wasn't choosen to be one of the new members of S/mileage and stayed an Egg/ Kenshuusei for the time being. She kept auditionin…