Juice=Juice week: Miyazaki Yuka

Miyazaki Yuka
The only non-kenshuusei member of Juice=Juice
Name: Miyazaki Yuka
Nickname: Yukanyan
Color: Peach (pink)
Birthday: April 2, 1994 (23)
Joined H!P: Febuary, 2013

Miyazaki Yuka is actually the odd one in Juice=Juice. She is the only member who joined Hello!Project through Juice=Juice, while all the other members were already part of Hello!Project.
Yuka participated in the S/mileage new member auditions and made it to the final rounds. She, however, failed the auditions and would disappear for a while. In the next year, Yuka participated in the Forest Award NEW FACE auditions and won the Promotional Award. That same year, Yuka debutted into Satoyama group Green Fields alongside Shimizu Saki and Mitsui Aika, releasing two singles with the group. 
In Febuary of 2013, it was announced that Yuka would join Hello!Project by becoming a member of a new group. She later on became the leader, as she was the oldest of the group. She still is, with her 23 year, one of the oldest members of Hello!Project to date.
Yuka released a solo dvd, a mini photobook and a photobook called "Miyazaki Yuka". Yuka has also been a model for Evelyn twice this year. She even got to design some dresses for the store.


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