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Country Girls: Tamerai Summer Time

Hello everybody, Today I finally have another H!P related post for you guys. Please do understand that this is how I feel and it's not based on facts or anything! It's my opinion so please respect it.
I like new groups, NO I love new groups. New groups are fresh, interesting and nice to follow.  I love seeing them grow into their groups and I love seeing group dynamics being born. I like seeing them look kinda awkward during their first preformances. I adore waiting for their group colors.  I jump at new groups and I follow them as much as I can. Country Girls was no diffrent. 
Okay, so let's talk about Country Girls and my current feelings about them, When Country Girls was just formed, I was totally in love with the group. I loved the members and their dynamics.  I loved the kinda old school feel they had and their cuteness. I loved the 6 of them as a group.
Their first single was amazing. The music was catchy and fresh. The outfits were adorable and fitted them so well…

One year ago.

My blog isn't even a year old, so my last post about this event was on my other blog.
It has been a year. I can't believe it has been a year.
One year ago a plane crashed in Ukraine. They say it was hit by a missile. 298 people lost their lives that day. There were 193 dutch people in that plane, about 10 of them lived in a radius of 15 km from me.  I lost no one. Non of the people on the plane was someone I actually knew well. But I know people who did have people they love on this plane and through them I felt a loss.
It has been a year and what a year it has been. I live near Hilversum. This is where those people where brought. This is where they got their identity back, so they could return to their family and friends.  Every week I drive past the Korporaal van Oudheusdenkazerne and I see the flowers and other tributes to the people who should have been going on vacation.
It has been a year, a year of tragady. The crash has been on tv this whole week. Tributes, memories, …

Morning Musume: A change is made

It might be only for this single, it might be an actual change. But whatever it is, I wanna talk to you guys about it: Morning Musume's new single.
I guess you guys already know what I am going to talk about, but let's say it anyway: Two of the new songs for their new single do not have Sayashi Riho as center. This is weird, this is new and this is great. (I LOVE RIHO, So don't even get started on that). For some time now we had a clear vocal and visual center in Morning Musume: Sayashi Riho has been in the center for quite some time now, she has the most to sing and always get to be in the dance group during the bridges. She has been pushed every since Only You. A lot of fans have been complaining, they don't find her fit for a center or they find the focus to much on her etc etc. As for me: I do wish other girls would be in the center sometimes, but I am already happy when they get solos lines (like Eripons Dare zo). Centers are always there. And gosh it was way wor…

My youtube Hero: Keith Lapinig

Hello hello dear readers, Today not a post about Hello!Project or any of the other stuffies I usually talk about. No, today I wanna dedicate a post to someone I have been a big fan of for sometime. Okay maybe not silently (at least not at home, and I guess I talked about him sometime somewhere), but anyway it's about: Keith Lapinig. I have been following Keith for about 2,5 years now (had to actually look it up ;)) and all that time I have been a huge fan of him.
Keith is someone who is honest, funny, smart and creative. I have seen him do so many diffrent things in his video's, it's really amazing. I like how he sometimes is a bit awkward, but still kinda out going.  Through his video's I have been to Disneyland, Disney world, Japan and on a Disney Cruise. But the real reason I adore Keith is: He showed me how to be a better person and that I can chase my dreams. He has been working really hard to make his dream come true and it inspired me to do it myself. As a perso…