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Music Column: Morning Musume album songs that should have been singles.

Morning Musume has 14 albums by now and quite a few best of albums. These albums have a lot of songs that fans hold dear and a lot of songs that would have made great singles. Today we are going to look at some album songs that could have been amazing singles. Mind you, this is completely my opinion, so tell me if I miss something or you have a different one!
First let me start with the difference between an album song and a single song (in my opinion). Album songs are usually songs that are harder to promote with an MV or that lack the wow factor and single needs to sell. Single songs are usually more focused on the main members (ace/center, what ever you wanna call it), while during album songs others get a chance to shine too. Yet there are some songs that could have had that WOW factor if only given the chance and that's what I wanna share with you. Some songs are amazing and great, yet they fit an album better. Fantasy Juuichi is an album which a lot of fans felt rushed. I gu…

My Morning Musume 13th gen pick!

Yes you may all start laughing.  Remember a while ago I made my predictions for Morning Musume's 13th generation? Well I kind of mentioned Morning Musume not getting any Kenshuusei as members and now it has been announced that 13th gen will only consist of Kenshuusei (both normal and Hokkaido are possible).  I do stand by my other predictions though: Small gen, no very young girls and Ace material. So if I look at this, which girls do I think would fit Morning Musume? 
First of all, If Morning Musume gets their first two member generation and only from the regular Kenshuusei (as I want Hokkaido Kenshuusei to just become a group), I want these two: Danbara Ruru(15) & Kanatsu Mizuki(14) I think Ruru has proven she could be a great ace. Her voice is amazing, her dancing on point and her looks are also something that we could write home about. Mizuki is adorable. Vocalwise she has a lot to learn, yet I think her cuteness will really fit Morning Musume and will bring some fresh ai…

Dream Setlist: 10th gen Mini Live ~Tomo~

I think 10th gen should totally hold an event soon. They had their 5th anniversary and are currently the generation that stayed togheter the longest. Ofcourse we are all wondering how long this will stay that way, so it's time the girls had a great even! 10th gen Mini Live ~Tomo~ Setlist 1. Seishun Domannaka 10th gen should ofcourse start of with their official 10th gen song! Seishun Domannaka was their song and will always be their song! 2. Hajimete no Happy Birthday This song was one of the first two the girls got to preform during a concert! It probably has quite some memories. MC 3. Uwaki na Honey Pie!- Iikubo Haruna Do I need to explain this? Haruna is our Honey! So she should do something with it ;). 4. Naichou Kamo- Ishida Ayumi Ayumi stated this as her favorite song when she just entered and has been doing so until now.  5. Kira kira Fuyu no Shiny G- Sato Masaki  Masaki loves Tanaka and this song fits her so well! Ofcourse she should do this.  6. Dream Last Train- Kudo Haruka Kud…

Beste Juice=Juice outfits!

Outfits are so important! Outfits can make or break a single/album. They are what the public will see and what the girls will preform in. So today let's have a lot at some of Juice=Juice's best outfits. I will consider single, album, concert and other outfits!
Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss! I love these outfits. or actually I love Tomoko's outfit. I though this outfit was pretty, beautiful, elegant and sexy. I love the layers of the skirt and the use of color. It looks traditional spanish, yet very modern. For me this outfit is everything. (but please burn Akari's pants/leggings).
Photoshoot outfits These outfits! I though they were beautiful. They are mostly just very flowy dresses. They look light and they make the girls feel so angelic. I really love Tomo's and Yuka's dresses. They fit them so well. I least like Karin's. Her outfit looks like a bag, a pretty bag, but a bag. I love the flowers and wish from the bottem of my heart that these were outfi…

Dream Setlist: 9th gen Mini Live ~PonPon no Jidai~

I have been planning/thinking about so many fun events within Hello!Project.  Today I wanna talk about an event just for 9th gen, although we only have PonPon left.  I would call the event 9th gen Mini Live ~PonPon no Jidai~ as it's their time to lead Morning Musume and bring them to a new point!
Setlist 1. Watashi no Jidai Watashi no Jidai is really a song that I find fitting for PonPon. It's their time to shine and to lead Morning Musume forth, just like Michishige and Tanaka when they released this song.  2. Rainbow Pink Rainbow Pink was one of the first songs Ikuta got to sing on stage (with Michishige). Mizuki, ofcourse, has pink as her image color, so this would be a nice song for them to do.  MC 3. Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai- Fukumura Mizuki Mizuki loves Tsugunaga and this song is the Momoko song of Berryz.  4. Yowamushi- Ikuta Erina Ikuta has done this song quite a few times and she rock is. Furthurmore it is a song done by Niigaki-san, which speaks for itself.  MC 5. H…

H!P Hidden Gems: I miss you

Hidden Gems are everywhere in Hello!Project and today we are going to look at another one. Now you are probably thinking: I miss you? But that is a C-ute single and is pretty well known. Which is true, yet this I miss you is a totally different one! Remember Kusumi Koharu-chan? She was the 7th generation member of Morning Musume and the voice of Kirari in Kirarin Revolution! During her time as Kirari Koharu released quite a lot of singles and albums. Today's song is from one of her albums and in my humble opinion one of Koharu's best songs!
Name: I miss you What kind of song?: Album song (Mitsuboshi) Artist(s): Kusumi Koharu as Tsukishima Kirari Year: 2007

1. Is this song unknown or is it pretty populair?  I think it is really unknown. It's an album song and was never preformed in the anime. 2. What is a good prefromance of this song? I actually don't think this song has ever been preformed live? And if it was I can't find any record of it. 3. Where there any outfit…

CC Lyrics: ANGERME- Gashinshoutan without Fukuda & Tamura

Lyrics to Gashinshoutan by ANGERME. Without Fukuda Kanon and Tamura Meimi.
With: Wada Ayaka, Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina, Murota Mizuki, Aikawa Maho, Sasaki Rikako, Kamikokuryou Moe & Kasahara Momona Preformed during: Full Chorus Hello!Pro special November 2016

Lyrics: Shoukyokuteki da ne tatta no ichido no jinsei ja nai ka  Makeru koto nai chousen da nante imi nai ja nai ka Nigate ishiki muishikiokubyou kaze fui chatte 
Hikanteki da netatta no ichido no shippai ja nai ka  Zasetsu shiranaiNINGEN da nante jinjou ja nai sa  Genjou iji yousumi sonna konna de heikousen  Shuudan shinri shoujiki iiwake nante [Ai/Sa/Ka] irimasen 
Gashin shoutan saa SHOOTAIMU!  Nasakenai kurai ni uchinomesare  Naitsukubattekizutsuku koto mo [Tak/Ka] taisetsu da 
Gashin shoutan nee sou ja nai?  Nigai omoide hodo amaku naru  KURAISHISU wa CHANSU da wa gashin shoutan 
Tsuyoi teki madetatta ichigeki jaSHIRAKEru ja nai ka  Wasurerarenaikutsujoku da nante joutou ja nai ka  Kanjou made no jiishikitsune ni jib…

Some of the alltime worst Morning Musume outfits EVER!

Morning Musume has so many outfits. You wouldn't believe it. Today we are going to look at some of the all time worst outfits for Morning Musume.
Now I have to be honest with you: I don't know all outfits, so some terrible ones might be missing. Don't be shy and send me a link or picture on twitter! Now let's get started with these outfits!

Wakuteka Take a chance   Oh god, were these outfits therrible. I didn't like the colors, not the whole idea of the outfit, if there even was one. I think some were really ill fitting (Zukki, Kudo and Mizuki mainly) and they just looked tacky all over. And those boots. 
Ultra Smart Pyoko outfit Okay, I am a huge fan of the original pyoko outfits, they were adorable. But these concert versions. Yuk. Especially Risa's version, that hat. WHY WHY?
Weird weird dress We all know platinum Era wasn't that lucky with outfits and urgh this one. I don't even remember which concert it was from, but I think they used it for preformin…

Music Column: Should Juice=Juice add a second generation?

Juice=Juice had their first Budokan concert last week and a lot of fans assumed their would be a big announcement. Yet there was non.  I asked myself the question: did I expect an announcement? Did I want an announcement?  I came to the conclusion that I did expect and wanted an announcement. Juice=Juice is a great group. All members are great, interesting and vocally on point. The group is visually nice to look at and have a lot of interesting songs on their sleeves.  Yet with everything happening to C-ute, Momusu, ANGERME, Country Girls and Tsubaki, they are kind of in the shadows of all the other groups. They haven't had any line-up changes since Aina left and this year they only had their drama and Budokan as high lights.  Within the J-pop world a group has to stand out to get fans and get attention. A lot of groups do this by changing their line-up once in a while, but should Juice=Juice do this? 
It's an incredible hard question. Should Juice=Juice change the line-up th…

Music Column: Does Sou ja nai mean Maria is the new Ace?

Morning Musume will drop their new single in just 11 days! I am here today to talk to you guys about one of the A-sides and especially the girl centering it.  Ofcourse I am talking about Sou Ja nai, the third a-side of Sexy Cat no Enzetsu/ Mukidashi de Mukiatte/ Sou ja nai. 
Let's start with the facts:  1. Makino Maria was choosen to be the center of the song,  2. This is Makino Maria's first center song.  3. Tsunku was asked by management to write a song for Maria.  4. When the title of the single was first announced, Sou ja nai would be the main a-side.  5. Sou ja nai was later moved to be the third a-side. 6. Sou ja nai's MV was the second MV for this single to be released. 7. Sou ja nai was the first song preformed of this single.
This article will mainly focus on the question: does this song mean Makino Maria is the new Ace of Morning Musume and my opinion about this.  Sou ja nai is pretty much a 100% Morning Musume song. It kind of sounds like EDM and has this typic…

Dream setlist: Morning Musume 2016 Spring Tour

Another new segment? Yes, another one! This segment is about setlists. I love concerts and I love setlists. It's always great to see which songs the girls will be singing and in what line-up. So what is this segment about? My self-made up dream setlists! I made quite a few already, with theming and sometimes even stage settings.  Are you ready for this? Because I totally am!
The first concert setlist I have made up is:  Morning Musume 2016 Spring Tour ~Welcome 13th gen~ I am totally assuming this will be the first concert with the new girls. Ofcourse we don't know when they will arrive nor how many there will be, but that's fine!  I thought this tour up as a homage to the old Morning Musume, to the current one and the future one. Under the break you will find the full setlist (with video's of the lesser known songs cause why the hell not) and some additional comments! Please let me know your thoughts!  (Please ignore that the break says older posts.. it will lead you t…