My Morning Musume 13th gen pick!

Yes you may all start laughing. 
Remember a while ago I made my predictions for Morning Musume's 13th generation? Well I kind of mentioned Morning Musume not getting any Kenshuusei as members and now it has been announced that 13th gen will only consist of Kenshuusei (both normal and Hokkaido are possible). 
I do stand by my other predictions though: Small gen, no very young girls and Ace material. So if I look at this, which girls do I think would fit Morning Musume? 

First of all, If Morning Musume gets their first two member generation and only from the regular Kenshuusei (as I want Hokkaido Kenshuusei to just become a group), I want these two:
Danbara Ruru(15) & Kanatsu Mizuki(14)
I think Ruru has proven she could be a great ace. Her voice is amazing, her dancing on point and her looks are also something that we could write home about. Mizuki is adorable. Vocalwise she has a lot to learn, yet I think her cuteness will really fit Morning Musume and will bring some fresh air in the group. 

There are ofcourse a lot of girls I really really love in Kenshuusei and they all deserve to get into Morning Musume for working so hard. Yet I think a lot of the girls are already to old (Horie Kizuki is already 18). Kaga Kaede is a girl that will surely pop-up at the top of the lists, yet I do not know if she would fit Morning Musume. I love the girl and think she works her butt of, but she might be better of in another group. As for our newest two gens (24th and 25th), most of them need some more training before they can be added to a group like Morning Musume. I think whole 25th is superduper cute, yet I think they need some time to grow into their idol roles. Maybe Ayano could do it, but she is already 17, which makes her less likely to join. 

As for Hello!Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido. I love these girls and think they would do best togheter in Hokkaido (make Manaka their playing manager and I would die). Yet it would blow my mind if Ota Haruka, Kawano Minori or Kitagawa Ryo made it. 
If they decide to make this generation big (4 members), I would like it to have Ruru and Mizuki, but also Minori and Ryo as they would balance the generation out. 

What are your predictions? Or who do you want?


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