Hello!Pro outfits: Top 5 of 2008

Let's again go back in time! Today we are looking at my top 5 outfits for 2008. 
These outfits will only include all Hello!Pro Singles and Albums, because concert outfits would make this a really hard list to make. Okay 2008, what year was that? 2008 was the year Milkyway debutted, Fuku, Take and Karin join H!P Eggs, V-u-den disbands and much more. 
Let's have a look at those outfits! I made a top 5 to kind of slim the list down.

Number 5
Peppaa Keibu yo~ I love Pepper Keibu. I thought the MV was cute, the song was nice and the outfits really fitted the theme. I actually really loved the color of the outfits and thought the girls looked amazing in them. I still really like the outfits and think they look fresh (like peppermint, do you get it ;)). My taste is just really weird okay..

Number 4
Around this time I was actually only a fan of Buono!, so their outfits are really close to my heart. I really liked these cute dresses and Airi's hair <3! I thought the polka dots were really adorable and the colors really showed of the cute theme they were going with.

Number 3
Morning Musume really had awsome outfits in this period. I really loved the outfits for Resonant Blue, because they looked casual enough to be worn daily, yet really cool and elegant. They might have even be a bit boring, yet I loved the simplicity of the outfits and the play with white for the lead girls. 

Number 2
At number two we find the outfits for Seishun! Love lunch, by Athena and Robikerottsu (with Gaki, Mitsii, Nakki and Chisa). Omg do I love these outfits. They are adorable and have such cute colors. I love the accesoires (lik the bows and Aika's hair pin) and Gaki;s whol outfit it to die for. 

Number 1
Buono! were my fashion idols. I loved their outfits and Gachinko de Ikou! might be one of my favorites. Again the outfits are sort of casual, but still idol like and pretty. Miyabi's whole outfit was totally my favorite thing, yet I lvoed Airi's hair soooo much. 

There are so many outfits in this year that are pretty great, yet there were also a lot that were horrible. I think Berryz Koubou might have had one of their worst years outfits wise (Dschinghis Khan, Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance and 5(FIVE)). V-u-den's outfit looked nice on the cover, yet looked like PJ's in the full body shot and let's not start about Lalala Shiawase no Uta.


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