Dream Setlist: 10th gen Mini Live ~Tomo~

I think 10th gen should totally hold an event soon. They had their 5th anniversary and are currently the generation that stayed togheter the longest. Ofcourse we are all wondering how long this will stay that way, so it's time the girls had a great even!
10th gen Mini Live ~Tomo~
1. Seishun Domannaka
10th gen should ofcourse start of with their official 10th gen song! Seishun Domannaka was their song and will always be their song!
2. Hajimete no Happy Birthday
This song was one of the first two the girls got to preform during a concert! It probably has quite some memories.
3. Uwaki na Honey Pie!- Iikubo Haruna
Do I need to explain this? Haruna is our Honey! So she should do something with it ;).
4. Naichou Kamo- Ishida Ayumi
Ayumi stated this as her favorite song when she just entered and has been doing so until now. 
5. Kira kira Fuyu no Shiny G- Sato Masaki 
Masaki loves Tanaka and this song fits her so well! Ofcourse she should do this. 
6. Dream Last Train- Kudo Haruka
Kudo was part of this song and seems to really love it. She also did it during one of her birthday lives and I think it really fits her!
7. Pyoko Pyoko Ulta
Ofcourse this is the first single 10th gen participated in! It should be preformed right?
8. Tomo
Tomo was the first song ever 10th gen preformed in during their first concert. It was Takahashi's graduation!

What do you think 10th gen should sing? What songs did you like on my list and where would you change things?


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