2016 member ranking: Country Girls

Ranking time Starto!

Okay so, Country Girls was actually really hard for me to rank. I really enjoy this group and their songs and I think they are perfectly balanced. We lost Uta and Manaka, who were both very close to my heart. Yet the current members are also <3 <3. Let's get this over with.

Number 6
Nanamin is at number 6. I adore Nanamin, she is cute and I love her Sax skillz. Yet I think she currently is the most uninteresting of the group. She is quite loud and I feel like she has a lot more to offer. So I will be waiting for this. 

Number 5
Number 5 is Mai. Mai is in a lot of things an unique member. She is really cute and has a great voice. She is just not my type of girl I guess. Still I adore her and I think her smile is one of the cutest in H!P. Her friendship with Uta was GOALS.

Number 4
When Momoko was in Berryz, she was always dangling at the bottem of Rankings and look at her now. I think Momoko found her calling. She became so cute and mature in CG and her role as playing manager is just amazing. She has not only become more mature, but her looks! She became sooo beautiful, I couldn't be more happy with her in this spot. 

Number 3
Ah our Chiichan. Chisaki is ofcourse our front girl. She is populair and cute. I love her voice and think she really fits the retro like theme CG is going for. Yet I feel like management is pushing her to much to be like Uta-chan (shy and embarrased), while I want Chiichan to develop her own image.

Number 2
Musubu has been one of my favorite kenshuusei ever since she joined. I love her cute face and her small body. And her voice will suprise anyone! She is so vocally stable and has such an impressive voice. I love her and gosh is she crazy! She really makes this group fun to watch. 

Number 1
Number 1 is ofcourse beautiful Yamakki. Risa-chan is not only pretty, she is also really talented. Her voice is amazing and I love her harmonies so much!! She also has a drawing talent! Yamaki is a pleasure to watch and I love how she can go from adorable to sexy and mature. 

Uta would have been number 1 if she was still around and Manakan would have been between Momo and Chiitan!


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