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[Review] Digimon Adventure Tri - Reunion

Today I finally got to see Digimon Adventure Tri.  Ofcourse it wasn't released until today, but I have been waiting ever since it was announced! This will be a review like post, so this means Spoilers. If you have not see Digimon Adventure Tri, please go watch it and return!!
Okay, so Digimon Adventure Tri. It was once announced as serie, but now it's like a serie of 6 movies. This is quite weird, because Reunion consisted of 4 episodes or maybe I should call them parts. But I watched it and I loved it. Ofcourse I loved it, how could I not love Digimon.  Let's make a list of the things I liked: 1. The intro The intro is one of the best things ever. It made me feel so nostalgic, but it was also incredibly new and modern. I love the original Butterfly better, but the song is just to amazing to dislike.  2. The transformations I lied, the transformations were the best thing about the news series. I adore adore adore adore adore it. First of all hearing Brave Heart again gave m…

Pray for Paris

Last night, the horrible news of Paris reached me.  I was already half asleep, so I didn't understand how big this was until early this morning. I woke up in a world that had been attacked, a world that was black with grieve. Once again terrorists took many innocent lives.  Once again terrorism tried to distroy our way of living.  It makes me so mad and devestated to hear about all these innocent people who lost their lives. 
We must remember that this is an act of terror from a group of people. Not a country or a religion.  It's an act of terror towards people who have nothing to do with war or violence.  I can not believe this actually happend.  Where is the humanity? Why would you just go and kill people?
My heart is crying for everyone involved and I hope the lost ones will rest in peace.  We must remember to stay strong and don't be victims of fear.  We can not let those terrorists get what they want: Fear, war, death.  We must be strong and help as much as we can.  …

H!P Voices: My favorite Voices!

Today I wanna talk to you guys about some of the current best voices in H!P. We have a lot of new girls and a lot of new groups.  I want to look at all the groups and point out my favorite and a second pick, or a voice I also enjoy a lot. When I am done with the current members, C-ute I think it's not hard to figure this one out but: Suzuki Airi Airi's voice is one of the smoothest and most beautiful voices ever. She can hit every note without much effect. I really love listening to her solos. Airi always know to suprise me and I can totally imagen her going solo one day and making it big! Okai Chisato I adore Chisato's voice. She is really strong vocally and has quite a low voice. She is second because there are moments when she sounds really raw and well you got to love her kind of voice to enjoy her as much as I do. 
Morning Musume '15 My favorite voice of all the Momusu girls isn't hard to guess: Oda Sakura Sakura's voice is perfect to me. I really love how smo…

H!P News: So much happend!

Last few weeks, a lot has been happening in H!P land. So I wanted to take the time to sit down and have a look at some news and some other stuff regards H!P and Up Front.
Sayashi Riho's graduation announcement It was a big shock to all fans when Sayashi Riho announced her graduation.  It was an even bigger shock when it was revealed she would only be staying in Momusu for 2 months! But I have to be honest, eventhough I was shocked, I had been waiting for this announcement. I don't know when, but I talked about the next graduation one time and I said that Riho might be next. Riho once joined H!P to be a dancer, but she was pushed to the front and had to sing more than dance. When Ayumin joined, Riho's role as the amazing dancer was over and she must have been quite sad. Lately Riho looked unhappy and well her announcement just kinda fell in place. Ofcourse I find it really sad Riho-chan is leaving, but I am really proud of her. It must be extremely hard to be the center and…