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An hour of Music with Kate

New thing I wanna try! I am doing homework at the moment with my Itunes on! I will write in one sentence what I think about the song and I will putt behind the song if I listend to the whole thing or not! Let the hour start! 1. ANGERME- Taiki Bansai Fun and funky debut for the 3rd gen, with a mindblowing line by Murota!
2. Berryz Koubou- Asian Celebration ' Disco fever with an amazing line from Yurina!
3. Berryz Koubou- Cha Cha SING Very happy song with lot of nice parts to sing along with!
4. Buono!- OVER THE RAINBOW (SKIP) I want happy songs when I learn!
5. Takahashi Minami- All of you First time I hear it and it's kinda disappointing after Jane Doe.
6. Country Girls- Itooshikutte Gomen ne (5-nin ver.) Kawaii song with amazing solo lines! (No Momoko in this version!)
7. C-ute- Gamusha LIFE Addicted to this song since the first time I heared it!!
8. Oshima Yuko & AKB48- Kyou made no Melody This song makes me feel Yuko-sama's love for AKB and her fans.
9. Takahashi Minami- Jan…

What is Sato Masaki's Member color?

I love member colors. I like seeing them and it shows the girls who their fans are.  I love them, but sometimes... I have a huge problem with Masaki's color. Her color is Emerald Green. Which is the following color: It's greenish, but has a blue undertone. I like this color. It is diffrent from light blue and green.  But they also use Teal as her official color: I get quite annoyed by this because I never really know what Masaki's color is. In the top picture you can see little to no diffrence between Masaki's Emerald Green and Haruna's Sea Blue.  Let's have a look at some member colored outfits she has been wearing: In this picture we see Masaki wear (from left to right) Light blue, turquoise, light teal/turqoise, sky blue, Teal and Emerald. She has been all over the place with her color. Ofcourse this is not her fault or anything, It just annoys me. In the above picture she is only wearing emerald green once. After Reina graduated she started using a more sk…

Today I launched a new project!

Today, my brother and I finally launched our new project! We have been working on this for almost 3 months and we finally had everything we wanted done. The Mad Toy Kingdom was born in 2014, but had to wait until today to finally be launched.
The Mad Toy Kingdom is a Disney Toy review channel. We review all kinds of Disney Toys and we have two rankings for them! If you have any free time please have a look at it! We will try to upload video's at lease once a week!!
Here are some links: Youtube Facebook

Member colors part 3!

Today the member colors for the 12th generation members were released! Above we see my guess for their colors, and I wasn't even far of!
Ogata- Blue  Miki- Purple Akane- Light blue Maria- Light orange/Salmon
These are the actual colors they got: Ogata- Sky blue(✓) Miki- Purple (✓) Akane- Light Orange (X) Maria- Light Pink (X)
Okay, so I got two spot on and I was right about the usage of light orange! So not bad. I am happy for them and their new colors. They look awsome.

Berry Fields forever!

I didn't wanna torture myself by watching more Berryz Koubou hiatus footage, but I did it. Yesterday I recieved their last photobook and eventhough there was way to much text for me, it was still awsome. It was their last piece and it felt good to have it. Today Hello!Station released more footage, with also backstage footage. I cried during their graduation, but I didn't cry like this. I feel so much sadness and loneliness, I really wondered where it came from. When Byebye Mata nee started on the background it was over. Really, I cried so much and hard, my neighbours must think someone died.  Berryz Koubou ment and still means so much to me. Their music helped me with hard times and their songs always cheered me up. I will forever be thankful to them and I hope my love for them has reached them.  Berryz Koubou might not be in H!P anymore, but they are forever in my heart and in the hearts of all their fans!

New layout Sakura Mankai!

Today I thought it was time again to change the lay-out of my news blog. I really loved the way I had it (Ogata Haruna and lots of Berryz), but I felt like it was time for something new. 
I loved the blue, which makes everything look fresh and Ogata-chan is so pretty <3. Berryz Koubou urgh.. watching them on my blog made me sad every time.. One day they will be back, but for now:
This time it's orange, because Country Girls took over! Uta-chan and Risa are in the banner this time, and aren't they perfect. I love their song, so that's on there to and look! A new ranking. Although these are just pictures of my babies, without an order! Please have a look:

Member Colors part 2!

Country girls revealed the MV for their major debut today! In the MV the members color with a color that might also be their member colors. As Chisaki and Mai already used these colors on their birthday shirts, I guess we can be sure! This was my guess: Momoko- Pink Manaka- Green Uta- Yellow Mai- Blue Chisaki- Red Risa- Lilac
The MV suggests: Momoko- Pink (✓) Manaka- Red (x) Chisaki- Orange (x) Uta- Yellow (✓) Risa- Green (x) Mai- Blue (✓)
So three out of six! Not bad. I am not suprised Momoko keeps Pink. It's her color and it's easier for her fans. Manaka getting red is pretty good! She isn't really center now, but this gives me hope! Chisaki keeps her color from the group she was part of before H!P. So that's nice. Uta and Yellow just fits! Risa getting green is a bit meh, but she looks good with green. Mai with blue was a given.
First group to get colors and I hope they will be confirmed soon! Ah, btw watch their MV, it's adorable!!

Member colors!

All fans know how important Member colors are. They deside the colors for supporting your favorite members, the colors of their goods and ofcourse the penlights! Right now we have quite some members without colors and I wanted to do a little post on what I think will happen. It might be fun to look afterwards if I was right or not! So let's have a look at the 12th gen members, Country Girls and Kobushi Factory!
12th gen 12th gen is pretty hard to predict. It really depends on the other members, if they change colors (even if it's just one) everything can change. Let's assume they will all keep their current colors. These are my picks for them: I think non of them will get Sayu's pink. If pink goes to a girl I think it wll be Mizuki (passing on the deep pink to one of the 12th gen members) or Sakura (making it a more Sakura color). As long as Masaki keeps her teal, I think Ogata will get blue. I think Miki fits the dark purple eripon once had perfectly. I think (and kin…


Thank you all so much for the 6000 views! I am really happy you all find me and my blabbering intresting enough to give me so many views. I am very sorry if this past view days were pretty boring with all my crying, emotional and kinda boring posts about Berryz.. But I will try to get my posts more intresting again and upbeat! Please look forwards to them and thank you very much!

Berryz Koubou Forever!

Berryz Koubou Forever!
After the concert I kinda felt empty. I still don't really know how to feel or act. I miss them, but they are still everywhere: blogposts, Hello!Station, etc etc. But they aren't on the H!P official site anymore and that makes it real.
I hope they will all get their well deserved rest and I hope their dreams will continue to grow and come true.
Thank you Berryz Koubou! Until the very end you were awsome.
I love you

Berryz Koubou Final: Setlist

Setlist 1. Special Generation 2. Rock Erotic 3. VTR ( Berryz Koubou Theme) 4. Ai no Suki Suki Shisuu Joushouchuu 5. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi 6. Yuuki wo Kudasai! 7. MC 8. 21ji Made no Cinderella (With changing dresses) 8. Romance wo Kattatte 9. Himitsu no 10. Massugu na Watashi 11. Anata Nashi dewa Ikite Yukenai (2015 ver) 12. Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? 13.VTR from their debut, special generation, concerts and Maiha grad. Events, Mv makings, Hawaii, USA, Berryz Kamen, World wide handshake, Budokan. Hiatus announcement, 14. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance in Monkey outfits 15. I am so cool! 16. Cha Cha SING (Still in monkey outfits)
17. MC2 (Captain, Miya and Rii, later one Momo, Chii, Maa and Yurina) 18. Jiriri Kiteru 19. Nanchuu Koi wa Yateruu YOU KNOW? 20. Maji Bomber 21. Yo no Naka Barairo 22. Rival (special opening)
23. Succha ka Meccha ka~ 24. Icchoume Rock!

Berryz Ikube chant

25 Byebye Mata nee
26. Member messages