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Cooking with Sayumi: Frugal Potato Gratin

What will Sayumi cook for us today?
Frugal Potato Gratin Ingredients: 2 potatoes 1/4 onion 100 ml Milk 
How to? 1. Start with peeling your potatoes and onion.  2. Slice the onion in really thin slices and do the same with 1 3/4 of your potatoes.  3. Pour some oil in a pan and fry the onion and potato slices. 4. Once the oil has baked your ingredients, pour in about 100 ml of milk. 5. Season your dish with pepper and salt. 6. Grate your last piece of potato over the cooking dish. 7. Once the sauce thickens, you can pour it into a stone oven dish. 8. Add breadcrums and grated cheese over the dish and cut a star or heart out of a slice of cheese to give it the Sayumi touch. 9. Now heat the dish for a short period in the grill (check to see if the cheese is melted and the breadcrumbs look crispy). 10. Now your dish is ready to be served and can be eat out of the oven dish if you like!

Hello!Project Covers: Favorites (2012 edition)!

HELLO EVERYONE! Did you'all miss me? Probably not, but hey!  Today I am back with something that a lot of fans like to talk about: Covers. A very important part for me about Single/Album releases are covers. I need some good covers to get me to buy the cd, otherwise I will just get them on iTunes (if available).  So Covers. These days H!P releases their singles in many MANY different versions, so many covers to choose from. Today we are going to look at some of my favorite covers of the year 2012.  I randomly choose that number, so I don't even know which ones will be on this list!  We will start witht he first 6 months of 2012, because men were there a lot of singles releases back then.... 2012, January till June
Hatsukoi Cider/ DEEP MIND- Buono! (Single V) I am starting this off with this cover and gosh is it bland if you look at it like this. Yet this is one of my favorite covers, not because we see the girls so clearly, but because it was inspired by the Beatles! I really l…

Cooking with Sayumi: Milk Risotto à la Sayumi

Let's cook again with our Sayumi!
Milk Risotto à la Sayumi
Ingredients: Spring- onion 1 Carrot  1/2 Shallot 1/2 cup rice 2 cups of milk Mentsuyu Grated parmazan cheese
How to? 1. Mince the spring- onion, shallot and carrot into small pieces and stirfry them in a pan with some oil. 2. Add the rice and cook it with the veggies for about 2 minutes. 3. Warm up a cup of milk and add to the mixture.  4. Let the mixture simmer until the liquide is almost gone and it looks like a smooth mixture. Add some more milk and some mentsuyu to flavour it. Let it simmer again until the rice looks tender.  5. Add some paramazan cheese and enjoy your dish!

2016 member ranking- Juice=Juice

Let's go on with some more member ranking!!! It's time for Juice=Juice, which won't be a suprise to anyone.
Number 5 No one whould be suprised that Takagi Sayuki can be found dangling around bumber 5. I don't really know what it is with this girl, but I never really got her charm. I think her voice is amazing and she can look really cute, yet I feel really meh about her. 
Number 4 Miyamoto Karin is just really lucky she is growing out her hair again, otherwise miss Sayuki would have won her spot by now. Karin.. I love her during the S/mileage auditions, yet she now is one of my least favorite girls. At least her hair is back to her cute bobcut.
Number 3 Never changed a spot, yet Uemura Akari is someone I really like. Her voice is really pretty and I love her very unique look. Her acting was amazing and I really love her cool image. 
Number 2 Leader, Miyazaki Yuka really has been growing vocalwise. And her cuteness level is still growing. She is so beautiful and her face is…

Cooking with Sayumi: Michishige Sayumi's Love Love Burg

To celebrate Sayumi's return, I wanted to do something special. I remembered Sayumi participating in a show called: Ikinari Ougon Densetsu.  In this show she did the 10,000 yen challenge: living on her own for a month with only 10,000 yen. Sayumi made some delicious looking meals during her time on the show and I kinda want to write them out on my blog, so you guys can cook her dishes!
Michishige Sayumi's Love Love Burg Ingredients (for 1 serving): 1/2 Potato 1 Carrot 1 Onion 2 Eggs Breadcrums 35 gram Ground Meat Mentsuyu (Noodle soup base - can be bought at asian food stores) Ketchup Worcester Sauce Rice
How to? 1. First start by peeling the potatoes and carrots. Then cut them into smaller pieces. 2. Peel the onions and mince them really small. Fry them brownish in a pan with butter or oil. 3. Break 2 eggs in a bowl and mix them well. Add the onion and add breadcrums to your liking. 4. Add the meat to the mixture. 5. Pour some Mentsuyu over the mixture to your liking.  6. Mix e…

2016 Member Ranking- ANGERME

Ranking in 3, 2, 1, Let's go! ANGERME Number 9 Take. TAKE? What is Takeuchi Akari doing down here? Really weird. I am quite sure Momona should be here, but oh well. Take just never really grabbed me. I find her voice impressive, yet she never really, well I don't know. She is just one of my least favorite members of ANGERME...
Number 8 What is going on? Maho? Aikawa Maho? Well okay, Maho-chan kind of does the same thing for me as Akane. I mean I am happy she gets pushed (I feel like she is Dawa's favorite...) and her ballet is really awsome. Yet she acts like she just joined and I can't really do anything with that. You have been in the group for two years girl, go grab your place!
Number 7 (By this time I figured out Momona is in my top three, which is wrong wrong wrong wrong. So, let's start over).
Number 9 Kasahara Momona. The new girl. For me it feels like she just doesn't belong to ANGERME, like they are lending her for a while. I mean, I am really happy for he…

2016 Member Ranking- Morning Musume '16

Let us rank some more.  Last time we still had Rihoriho and Zukki by our sides. Now we are two members down and a lot has happend. I wonder how my ranking changed with the members! Morning Musume '16 Number 11 Haga Akane is the first girl on the list. She dropped two places and is now the lowest ranking Morning Musume member. Akane is adorable, yet she failes to impress me in any way. I don't really enjoy her voice, nor her preformance. She looks so shy and eventhough she has been with Morning Musume for 2 years, she still acts like a newbie. I really hope she will grow more once she gets some Kouhai to take care of. 
Number 10 Makino Maria went up a place. I'll be honest, I am starting to see her charm and beauty, which makes me really happy. I jus want her to grow a bit more mature and than she might go up more. She really has a cute face and she can look impressively beautiful. Now we just need to hear her singing more. 
Number 9 Ah, Fukumura Mizuki, Leader, when will you st…

2016 Member Ranking- C-ute

Hello and welcome again on my blog! From today on we will be doing a 2016 ranking! Let's see which members are on what place in my ranking.
Each group will have their own ranking and we will end with a top ten overall members! I did the ranking with one of these Ranking games, so all members are actually ranked in one go, so I don't really know who ended up were, although I have (ofcourse) a idea. We will start with: C-ute Number 5 Gomene Naki~ At 5 we have Nakajima Saki. I never really had a thing with Saki. I think she is beautiful, I am really envious of her hair and I adored her in Petitmoni V. Yet in C-ute, I sometimes forgets she is in the group. Not in the way that I think C-ute is a 4 member group, but she is just there. 
Number 4 Maimai is number 4. That's about right. Hagiwara Mai sometime really gets me with her cheeky face and sometime I feel really meh about her. Her vocals aren't always that great, yet I find that Mai has a certain aura around her that reall…