2016 member ranking- Juice=Juice

Let's go on with some more member ranking!!!
It's time for Juice=Juice, which won't be a suprise to anyone.

Number 5
No one whould be suprised that Takagi Sayuki can be found dangling around bumber 5. I don't really know what it is with this girl, but I never really got her charm. I think her voice is amazing and she can look really cute, yet I feel really meh about her. 

Number 4
Miyamoto Karin is just really lucky she is growing out her hair again, otherwise miss Sayuki would have won her spot by now. Karin.. I love her during the S/mileage auditions, yet she now is one of my least favorite girls. At least her hair is back to her cute bobcut.

Number 3
Never changed a spot, yet Uemura Akari is someone I really like. Her voice is really pretty and I love her very unique look. Her acting was amazing and I really love her cool image. 

Number 2
Leader, Miyazaki Yuka really has been growing vocalwise. And her cuteness level is still growing. She is so beautiful and her face is so cute. I really think Yuka still holds some power we have not yet seen. 

Number 1
And at number 1 we have the girl everyone expected there: Kanazawa Tomoko! Ofcourse Kanatomo is number 1 within Juice=Juice, she is one of the girl that will forever be in my top girls list. She is beautiful, talented and so funny. I really really adore her and hope she will stick around for many more years!


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