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The best and the worst of 2015: ANGERME's a-side ranking of 2015

ANGERME's A-side ranking of 2015 ANGERME was kind of new this year and was the rebirth of S/mileage. This year a lot has happend for them, they got 4 new members and lost one of their founding members. So let's have a look at the songs they produced this year!
Number 8 At number 8 we have Gashin Shoutan. This song really isn't my taste. I do not think I have listened to this song more than twice? The chorus is kinda fun, but the other parts are quite boring. Kanananana sounds fab, but I don't know it is just not my kind of song.  I do understand why people do like this song. It's happy and pretty cool. But I do not feel this song. 
Number 7 Watashi is the only solo song ANGERME released this year. Fukuda Kanon graduated from ANGERME and wrote her own song (or actually only the lyrics). I was really disappointed by this song. It is quite fun and it fits Kanon, but it didn't really get me. The lyrics were quite boring and the part before the chorus was just meh.  Fo…

The best and the worst of 2015: C-ute's MV top 5

C-ute's MV top 5 This is gonna be a top 5 of C-ute's MV's for this year. C-ute released 6 MV's this year (5 single MV's and 1 album MV). So let's have a look at them!
Number 5 Iron Heart was the only Cmaj9 song that got a MV and it was a live MV, but I love the energy. For an album song this is a really nice MV. All the girls look fabulouse and so full of energy, it's really awsome. I always like it when the fans can be seen in an MV. And how great are those trampolines. The song does doe a lot for this MV and really helps with the feel of the MV. 
Number 4 Arigatou~Mugen no Yell~ just made it to the list. I didn't really enjoy the rehearsal parts nor the wrestling parts. I do understand why they putt in those parts, but I would have loved more shots of them and that beautiful blue sky. Still the shots that are taken are beautiful, so it does earn a spot in my top 5. And it is somewhat better than Iron heart. 
Number 3 Gamusha LIFE has a really fun MV. I ador…

The best and the worst of 2015: C-ute's a-side ranking 2015

' C-ute's a-side ranking 2015 C-ute only released 2 singles this year, with a total of 5 songs. Let's have a look at their ranking!
Number 5 At number 5 we have The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukan Kanrishoku~. This song was pretty good, but not my kind of song. I do not enjoy Maimai's and Saki's vocals that much, so a song led by them is not my favorite. Still I really enjoy the chorus.  And the bridge is really strong. Maybe not my favorite song, but still a decent song!
Number 4 At number 4 we have a really strong song: Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight! C-ute didn't release enough song to actually have song I really dislike. Arashi was such a strong song and it made me think of an anime beginning so much.  Again I am not a fan of having Saki and Mai sing a lot of solo parts, but in this song it's pretty nice. 
Number 3 Arigatou~Mugen no Yell~ shows us again how amazing C-ute is in ballad like songs. Chisato and Airi have such amazing vocals! I really enjoy s…

The best and the worst of 2015: Morning Musume '15's top 5 MV's

Morning Musume '15's top 5 MV's This year Morning Musume released 9 Mv's. Which means that 4 Mv's are not going to make this list. Let's have a look at which Mv's made the cut and which did not!
Number 5 Yuugure wa Ameagari The MV for Yuugure was not a really strong one. It was pretty basic, with a lot of pretty additions. I like the MV because I really love the cherry blossom tree and the darker parts. It makes the song feel tragic, but beautiful. I am still not over the fact that they cut Kanon out and gave Karin her spot. She is not Morning Musume, so she should have only filled in for the dance.  Number 4 Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki I really adore the whole dream like feel this MV gives. The outfits really flatter the girls and the setting is really pretty. I adore the parts in the box and those close-ups from the dancing group. This MV is really well done, eventhough it doesn't have much extra.  Number 3 Oh My Wish! Oh my god! Did I love Oh My Wish! The setti…

The best and worst of 2015: Morning Musume '15's a-side ranking

Morning Musume '15's a-side ranking And we start of with one of the hardest rankings. This year was such a good year for Morning Musume if we look at their songs. I loved them all so much. But there are some I love more than other, so let's have a look!
Number 9 So my least favorite song of this year is One and Only. I really do like this song and I adore how Morning Musume is trying to think of their foreign fans. But for me it's not their best song. I don't really like the chorus that much, it kinda lacks the energy the rest of the song has.  The english is pretty good, but  it still makes me kinda go meh sometimes. I like the song but not enough to beat the others. The MV is really good btw! Really love how it makes me think of Egao no kimi wa. 
Number 8 Number 8 is Ima koko kara. This song really had to grow on to me, because it was actually planned for number 9. But Sakura's solo lines are so amazing, how can I not adore them. But the ending is so sudden. Th…