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H!P Ranking 2013- 2014

Hello everyone! Today I will talk about my rankings for 2013 and 2014! I want to compare them and see what changed! It will be a pretty long post, so I will putt it under the spoiler! Please do understand that I do not hate the girls who ranked low, I admire all of them, but I just like some more than others.  Here we goooo!

Bobble- make Water better

Hello Guys! I'm back. And I wanna finish the day with a talk about a new item in my collection.  The title says enough! Let's talk about Bobble, make Water better. This is the bobble I got. When I was in England a few weeks ago, I was thinking about buying it. I drink a lot of water and I thought: I do deserve a new bottle. And it's better for the envirment when I just get one, instead of a lot of diffrent bottles. But I didn't buy it. I don't know why, I just didn't get it and when I decided I wanted to get it, I couldn't find it anymore (ofcourse). So bye bye England and Hello to The Netherlands.
Today I was going to the Albert Heijn with my brother and there he was: My bobble. There weren't much colors, so I picked a pink one. I really like how the bottle looks, I mean look at it: STYLISH! I really like that the bottle is BPA free and recyclable. And there is a filter in it. I don't really think the filter is something I need, cause the water in…

Gloomy first day

Ello Ello Lovelys! Today was my first official teaching day! And a gloomy day it was.  It has been rainy and kinda dark all day, which is quite sad. I loved being back at work and I have to be honest: The day never went by so fast.
Really guys, there was so much to do and see, it was unbelievable but great.  I really loved being with all those kids again, I really love them and I like to work with them.  Some of those kids are ofcourse less mm Nice, but I kinda know how to handle them so it's fine.  Right now I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come pick me up so we can go have dinner with my parents in law. Which means I have to pack my stuff.  I'll talk some more later one!  Bye guys!

I hate musquitos

Ello Ello everyone! In the Netherlands the weather is getting weirder and weirder. It's summer, but it's only 16 degrees Celsius and it's raining all the time. Right now when I look outside it's just kinda scary. The wind is blowing and the clouds are black. I do think Thunder is coming, but it might get pretty damn horrible. 
Anyway I haven't been that busy lately. I'm enjoying my last days of summer vacation and Yesterday I had my first really dinner date with my boyfriend. Which is weird because we are in a relationship for more than 3 years now. We did eat togheter but it's mostly in Disneyland or the MacDonalds or we have other people with us. So this was our first official dinner date with just the two of us. I liked it a lot and we had great food. 
What does keep me busy are those ugly musquitos. I am allergic to them, it's really terrible. Everytime I get bitten I swell up. One musquito bite equeal 10 for a normal person. But the most horrible …

Friend Like me

Dear readers, It has been a week since the sad news of Robin Williams' passing.  And I feel like I need to talk about him for a little bit.  Let's start of with this amazing piece of work:
When I was little I didn't really know who Robin Williams was. I mean I knew his face and stuff, but I didn't know he was a person other than the professor of Flubber and Peter Pan. Because I'm Dutch I always watched Aladdin in Dutch, so I never really got to hear his amazing talents until I was somewhat older.  Robin Williams made me laugh and he made me cry.I adored Robin as Peter Pan in Hook and I must have seen that movie many time. But as I read along his list of movies I see so many more movies I know and love. License to wed was such a funny movie and Robin Williams was briljant! And Night at the Museum, who didn't see that movie. I loved Robin as such a classic figure! 
But now, I can honestly say that the world feels like a sadder place. Robin Williams made people sm…

Why does this always happen?

Hello hello sweet readers, Today was the day I had a test. It was for school and my fourth try. Still I have the feeling I didn't pass it. Cause it was really hard and there where so many questions About stuff I didn't even know I had to learn. It was awful. One of my classmates left after 5 minutes, that's how bad it was. Anyway now I'm going back home.  My companion is a tsumtsum from Japan! It's oswald the lucky rabbit! So cute!! It's not busy in the train, but next to me there is this man who smells like sweat. The kind of sweat that makes you want to throw up. He isn't directly next to me, but every time he moves, I just wanna puke. I feel horrible for him, cause I know how terrible it is to smell like sweat. But this guy doesn't even seem to mind he smells. Urgh but that smell!! 
Anyway lets talk about something more fun!! Another entry to my wreck this journal!  I had to get a napkin and write a secret on it. Ofcourse I can't tell you the se…

Music Column: Dream Last Train

Hello Lovely readers, Today is the start of my first column or however you wanna call it~!  This column will be about music. Songs I like, things I cover or musical gets.  This will moslty be H!P, AKB and Disney. But sometimes I write about other music! Today we will be talking about Dream Last Train. Once in a while you have this one song that grabs you. You just wanna listen to it all day and sing it as much as possible. That happend when I first heared Dream Last Train by Satoyama Unit Triplet.  I have to be honest: I wasn't that excited about this group. Chisato is the only member of this group who I really loved and well the preview of this group didn't really grab me. But when I heared the song and saw the video clip it just got to me. The whole idea of the last train to your dream is so beautiful. I really really adored how Kudo regrabbed my intrest in this song and now she is creeping up my favorites.  Here is the Music Video (another ver.) of Dream Last Train.

The be…

A rainy day

Hello everyone! Day 2 of my new blog and I feel very inspired. I was in the bus just now and wrote the following: I wrote! Haha writing gives quite a diffrent feel to blogging. I like it. Anyway currently i'm in the train. It's now driving yet. It rains and I'm on my bike today... So that's just great. Did I already tell you guys I own a wreck this journal?  It's the small everywhere edition but it's so much fun! There are all these tasks in it to wreck the book. I love books so wrecking it is hard, but my boyfriend helped me with the first one:  It was terrible, seeing him drag my new book through the mud. But when he made the start it was easier. Last weekend I threw it out of my bedroom window. My room is in the attic, so it fell for some meters before it hit the ground. Not much damage though.  At school just now I saw two friends of mine, I haven't seen them for 2 months or something? It's great seeing friends back and laughing togheter. This year…


Welcome to my new personal blog. I already once tried to start a personal blog, but I'm just not that interesting. Still I wanted something to write more personal things. I already have a blog with a lot of j-pop on it, but It never feels right to put really personal stuff on that blog. I know that's weird because it's mine, but I don't know, I just wanted a place to write on and post whatever I want. (If you are intrested this is my J-pop blog:
Personal Anyway let me start with an introduction. I'm Kate or that's what I call myself online. I choose this name one day and I have had it for 5 years. I didn't want to use my real name, because it was hard to prenounce in any other language then my own and because of the profession I choose. I wanna become a teacher and to keep things seperate I wanted to have a internet name. So that's why my internetname is Kate. Sometimes I also use the name Oswin, but that's for gam…