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Is Angerme going to add the fourth gen soon?

Wait why am I talking already about the 4th gen when 3rd gen isn't even in ANGERME for a year? Well dear reader: It has been leaked that there are plans for a 4th generation!  This week it was accidentally announced that Natsuyaki Miyabi will be starting her own group. Ofcourse she kinda already said this during Green Room, but the site was launched by accident.  On the site was a weird part where it was talking about ANGERME's 4th gen auditions and not auditions for Miyabi's group. This kinda set of a whole speculation this was happening. It was also found out that the url for ANGERME auditions was claimed by someone from upfront. 
The same thing happend a few days before it was announced that Uta-chan left. There was a post about Uta and it was removed soon after. It was ofcourse the announcement that she left, but it was post 2 days early! This kinda makes it clear that mistakes might actually be true.
Back to ANGERME. Due to all this the speculations started and to be…

Music Column: Rosewood no Kokuhaku

10 members of Morning Musume are currently preforming in a musical called Triangle. The musical ofcourse has a lot of songs and I wanted to talk about one of them with you today. Rosewood no Kokuhaku This song has given me life. I can't explain to you how this song makes me feel.  First of all, Sakura has the lead in this song as Rosewood. Her voice fits the song so good and she shows of her skills so amazing. BUT Ayumi is also singing. She is Princess Sakura (yes yes, it's kinda weird) and I have never known how amazing this girl can sing. When she started singing my jaw dropped. I know Sakura has an amazing voice and I like Ayumin's voice, but this was something else. Ayumi sounds so clear, fresh and honest.
For me this song is really something. I have had it on repeat for three full days I think? I can enjoy every little thing Sakura does with her voice, the emotion she putts in it. While Ayumi's part is refreshing. I really love the higher parts and that last part …

Kobushi Factory: The next Survivor

Kobushi Factory was only announced a few months ago and they only released one indies single, BUT they announced their debut the be this fall!  If we look at it right: Juice=Juice debutted earlier, but they released 3 indies singles. So it's not that soon and just like Juice=Juice they have two songs (Ten Made Nobore is ofcourse a song with Kenshuusei) and they will release a triple a-side as their debut.
I have to say I am really happy for them. A lot of these girls have been working quite some years and I think they are a very strong group (eventhough Tsubaki grabbed my heart).  This group is very cool and something H!P doesn't have. With their amazing first indies single, a debut couldn't be far away. When the single came available on E-lineup! it was sold out within moments. I even asked someone to get the single for me at their event (thanks Alita!).  Their debut is soon, but I think they are ready and they already have quite a fanbase.
But with all the whole Uta thi…

[Graduation Special] Shimamura Uta: I am sorry I am so Adorable

I am late, I know. I was on my way back from a lovely holiday when I heared the news.
Shimamura Uta has left H!P and Country Girls. Managament stated she terminated her contract because her family and management had a disagreement that could not be solved.
I am heartbroken by this news. Absolutly devistated. Uta was one of those Idols you love from the moment you see her. She was shy, fresh and so pure. I really love the whole feel she has around her and her preformance was so adorable. 
I had been supporting Yamaki Risa from the moment she joined the Kenshuusei and still Uta-chan beat her at being my favorite Country Girls member. She was pushed a lot and got lots of screentime and I loved it. She looked so good being the center of attention and her shyness about it all, made her even more adorable and inresistable.
For me the balance within Country Girls was quite perfect. I mean I know Uta was pushed a lot and maybe a little bit to much, but she was my favorite so I didn't min…

Morning Musume '15 Ranking

I know, this post is long overdue, but let's do this anyway!
Morning Musume '15 Ranking
I have to be honest with you guys, I waited a little while with this post because I kinda wanted to get to know the newbies a little bit more, before I actually rank them.
Please keep in mind that I adore each and every one of these girls and I think they all are important for the group. Eventhough one of them is on 13, I still love her!

Number 13
At number 13 we have light pink Cutie Makino Maria. It is quite hard to explain why Maria is at number 13. She just didn't really ever grab my attention and I don't really think she is extremely pretty. I love her most when she looks like she does in the above pictures, serious. I might grow to adore this girl, but for now I just don't really know what I think about her. 
Number 12 Number 12 is our ever shining Ace Sayashi Riho. I think Riho is awsome. I like her singing, I like her dancing and I think she is good in acting. But for me s…