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The best and the worst of 2015: Country Girls a-side top 3

Country Girls a-side top 3 This year Country Girls debutted and released two singles, with a total of 4 songs. So let's have a little top 3 of their a-sides and see which one did not make it!
Number 3 Koi Doroboustarts this list of. This song is really cute and has a really girly feel. It is a song that fits the whole cute image Country Girls has. The vocals are really cute in this song and I really like the use of a faster passed song.  And ofcourse Uta-chan was still with this song. I adore her voice so much! This song was just a lot of fun to hear, but it is not really my style of music. I like listening to it, but it's not a song I would put on repeat. 
Number 2 For me the Chorus totally saved Wakateirru no ni Gomen ne.This song is pretty cute and has such a fun vibe to it. But it missed the whole flair Itooshikutte had (and it missed Uta..). Yet the chorus is sooooo good and I adore the vocals of the girls in this song! They have a lot of solo lines, which makes me appriciat…

The best and the worst of 2015: ANGERJuice's top 5 MV's

ANGERJuice's top 5 MV's  Today we are going to have a look at the MV's ANGERME and Juice=Juice released. I took these two togheter, eventhough they both released quite some MV's. ANGERME released 8 Mv's and Juice=Juice 4. But I didn't feel like I could make a good list of just one of these groups. So let's do a top 5 of these two groups combined and see which made it!
Number 5 At number 5 we have our Cinderella's Watashi. I did not enjoy the song as much as I wanted to, but the MV was really nice. I loved how they created a space for Kanon. I didn't like her outfits that much, but overall the MV was really cute and had beautiful details. I adore the glass shoe at the start of the MV and seeing Kanon write the lyrics for her song. 
Number 4 Wonderful Worldwas not my favorite Juice=Juice song this year, heck I think I didn't finish the song more than 5 times (maybe I did, but I skipped it more). But I adore the MV. It's so light and the outfits l…

The best and the worst of 2015: Juice=Juice song top 5

Juice=Juice song top 5 It has been a while! I am very sorry, but school has been very busy. But today we are going on with the best and the worst of 2015! Juice=Juice only had one single this year, but they released a really big album, so let's look at their best 5 songs of this year!
Number 5 We start this list of with a beautiful ballad called Tsudzuiteiku STORY. This song is very heartfelt and I really love how Akari and Yuka got a bigger part in this. The chorus is really pretty and shows of their amazing vocals. The bridge is so incredible! This song deserves a place in my list!
Number 4 At number 4 we have Tick-Tock Watashi no Shun. This song is incredibly fun. It's a happy song and gives of a summery vibe. The way the girls use their voices is so fun and the music is really nice. 
Number 3 I have to admit, I love First Squeeze! There are a lot of amazing song on the album, like our number 3. Ai・Ai・Gasa is such a classic feeling song. This is a song that fits the Juice=Juic…