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ANGERME's fashion disaster

I adore Angerme, I adore their first single and I like their MV's. But I can not get over the outfits they are wearing in Taiki Bansai. It looks like a total fashion disaster in my opinion. Let's have a closer look at them from left to right. First up is Meimei. Her new haircut is amazing, but not they way it's styled here. Her outfit looks outdated and super ugly on her. She has such a good figure, why hide it with this ugly one piece. Take-chan looks like she is wearing the outfit she came in with the day they were shooting. It looks like a casual outfit, which isn't bad. But come on! She could have been wearing everything, not this simple and boring outfit from home. Wada's furry vest is a disaster. It looks Horrible... I quite like the rest of the outfit, eventhough it's super simple, but the furry thing is terrible! Maho looks cute, her outfit is pretty good, eventhough it could also be something she was already wearing on the day of shooting... Rikako ha…


I can not believed I missed it! I really wanted to make a post on the 5000 views mark, but sadly I missed it! Thank you all so much (again) for sticking around with me!

Sailor Moon:

Sailor moon, I think a lot of you will know this girl.  Sailor moon was one of the first Anime's I followed and got to see on the dutch tv.  Every sunday I was seated before the tv to watch Tsukino Usagi save the world.  The best part was when they would change to the Sailor guardians.  But the intro (dutch) was also one of the things I adored:
The original first season was super long and was pretty scary. My mother found it way to scary for me, but I always watched it anyway. I remember that my father even got me the Sailor moon S movie for christmas. He had brought it in the USA for me! The movie was mostly about Luna and I must have watched it a hunderd times. Sailormoon has been a huge part of my youth, so when I found the manga in Germany, I started to collect them! I fell in love with the story all over again and I was so happy to discover how diffrent the manga is. Usagi was in the anime (with her dutch voice) really annoying and I always hated how much she and Rei were al…


Hello hello everyone! I am so sorry for not posting these past few weeks (or at least not posting as often). Another semester ended which means I had to do lots and lots of things.  I have also been busy with a new project and I have been sick. I hope you all had a great january and I hope you look forwards to all the things I am planning! I have a lot to write about, so please have a look at them ! Byebye, Kate

Yume no Kawa

Hello everyone! Today the AKB48 request hour 2015 concerts started and I am happy to tell you all: Yume no Kawa made it to number 200! The song is really special to me in many ways, but one of them is ofcourse the name of this blog. Maeda Atsuko came to the concert to preform the song with current AKB members. I am happy this song made it into the top 200 and that Maeda preformed it again!!

The best and the worst of 2014: Top 5 other UFP songs

Top 5 other UFP songs  I don't really talk about other groups outside of H!P and AKB, but there are certain songs that stole my heart this year! I know we are actually looking at Up- Fron Create, because only H!P is currently listed under Up- Front Promotions, but never mind that. Let's have a look at my UFP top 5 of 2014!
Number 5 At number 5 we have a group I am not really a fan of, but I still enjoy some of their songs! It's Lovendor with Shounen. I really love the soft tune of this song and the beautiful chorus. I usually find Lovendor's song abit bland and I always feel that they are missing something. This song was pretty dan complete and very cute. I hope they will release more songs like this!
Number 4 Urahara Temptation is one of those song that might be diffrent from the music I usually listen to, but Kikkawa Yuu really made it work. I really like the chorus and the diffrence between the diffrent parts. The MV for this song was also AMAZING. I really adore Kikka…

The best and worst of 2014: SmileJuice's top 5 MV's

SmileJuices top 5 MV's I am sorry for not posting another best and worst sooner!! But here is the S/mileage & Juice=Juice MV's top 5!!! It wasn't hard to choose between the MV's, because S/mileage and Juice=Juice had really basic MV's...
Number 5
Most outfits are horrible, but the whole feel of this MV is cute. I really loved the whiteness of Eighteen Emotion, the speakers and the colorful wires. I like the part were they all lay down and sing. I do think this video could have been a bit more happy, but I really liked the vibe. And gosh did Kana and Rina look fab!
Number 4 I know a lot of people don't like this MV, but I actually adore Mystery Night. I love the outfits (maybe not on these girls... but anyway). I really liked the darkish setting and how the whole MV was kinda dark and sexy. It might not totally fit S/mileage, but it just kinda grabbed me. The dance-shot had such a great setting. Dawa really caught my eye during this MV. 
Number 3 Hadaka no Hadaka…

ANGERME: S/mileage 2.0 + 3rd gen

ANGERME has been release quite some stuff these past few days. They preformed their 18th single (1st as ANGERME) and they released MV previews of both MV's.
It's a really exiting time to be a fan of this group. I really love this group and all it's members. But I do kinda wonder why they went with the whole name change and color change. I guess Aya and Maro felt like the group they were at that point wasn't S/mileage anymore. Maybe they felt like this the moment 2nd gen arrived and Saki and Yuuka left. But anyway, the group only changed their name and colors, because they are going on with the original S/mileage songs (otherwise their new single would be number 1 and not 18).  The 3rd gen has been in S/mileage/ANGERME for about 3 months now and this is how I feel about them and from what I have seen from them:
Murota Mizuki Murotan was made to debut. Seeing her preform made me really feel happy that she got to debut. She is super pretty, has a lot of energy and smiles a…

A new group?! Was this their best decision?

So I have had some time to think about all that has been happening. Let's talk about them! Starting of with our newest addition to H!P.  First of all: I am incredible happy these girls are put in a unit. Each and everyone of them deserves it. I am really exited for a new group and I can not wait to see them in action. Still I wonder: Is this their best decision? I talked many times about all the things that will be happening this year. How many new girls are debutting and the renewal of S/mileage. I wonder how they are planning to do this. 
The group has 8 members (which is a lot! There hasn't been a indies/debutting group this large since C-ute!). All the members wanna debut and I think they have the potential to be a great group. They currently are called: Hello!Pro Kenshuusei new unit, but before the end of the month they will get an official name (and probably colors!). They won't be releasing anything until March, which Berryz Koubou will be on Haitus already.

I am s…

The best and the worst of 2014: Juice=Juice's a-side ranking

Today we will have a look at Juice=Juice's singles from this year. They had 3 singles with 6 songs in total. First of; I think Juice=Juice is kinda going down with the qualities of their songs. 
Number 6 Black Butterfly was by far the worst Juice=Juice song of this year. It wasn't a bad song, but it was a step down from Hadaka no KISS. The song was pretty boring and well it never really rolled nice. I loved the whole spanish theme, it fits the group a lot, but the song never got the umpf it needed.  I kinda liked the black butterfly parts, but overall this song was just really boring.
Number 5 At number 5 we have a song that is pretty good, but gets annoying after a while. Date janai no Uchi no jinsei wa  was already preformed during their tour and it was announced as a tour song. But for some reason they decided to release it as a single. The song is pretty good and has some amazing part in it.  Like I said the song is pretty good, but it kinda bores me after a while. I am not …

The best and the worst of 2014: S/mileage's a-side ranking

I can't believe this is the last time I will rank S/mileage's songs!! It's so weird to think about them as ANGERME, eventhough I love the name. At least S/mileage had a pretty solid year is singles, which makes ranking them more fun! I was kinda suprised to find that S/mileage only released 2 singles this year! TWO! Urgh all the other groups had so many songs... 
Number 4 Aa, Susukino is one of those songs that I love right from the start. I really like how dramatic the song is and how prefect it fits the voices of the members. The Meimi/Kanon lead is perfect for this song. I adore how they let Ayaka and Rina do the talking parts, which make the song even more original. This song has a lot of amazing parts, eventhough I think the chorus is a bit weak against the amazing verses.  This song is at number 4, because It kinda bores me after a few listens, When I haven't heared it in a while, I love listening to it, but this is no song to have on repeat. 
Number 3 These cool c…

The best and the worst of 2014: Berikyuu's top 5 MV's

Berikyuu's top 5 MV's This post will be about my top 5 of MV's for Berikyuu. Togheter they released 12 MV's this year and it was incredible hard to make a top 5! But here it is:
Number 5 At number 5 we have C-ute with Kanashiki Heaven (Single ver.). This MV has a lot of stuff that I love about MV's. Most important part; The girls look amazing. Their solo shots, the dance-shots, they looked beautiful. I loved how they did the dance- shot (2 locations, shots with only Airi and Chisa, shots with only Maimi, Saki and Mai). It never got boring. We have outside shots (I am a sucker for outside shots!!). The greyish overlay gives the clip a sad, but beautiful look. The pole dance part was as bit tacky, but I can live with it. Overall I adore this MV. There are so many beautiful shot!
Number 4 Number 4 is a Berryz Koubou song about Diets!! 1oku 3zenman Sou Diet Oukoku pulled me in with a futuritic setting and a lot of light, I love light. This MV is really simple if you look…

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everybody! It's the first day of 2015!! I have to admit that I rested in bed for a while before it was midnight. I was so tired.  Today we visited a lot of family (mine and my boyfriend's). How was your day? I am really exited for tomorrow, because it will be the first day of the Hello!Pro winter tour!! I hope there will be some new songs preformed or some amazing announcement (new group?!). Ofcourse ofcourse I first wanna see Morning Musume '15 interact with eachother, ANGERME and Country Girls!! Morning Musume '15 had their first preformance yesterday on tv, ANGERME announced their new member colors and Country girls announced their first indies single! I knew a lot would be happening these few days, but it is so much! I am really happy H!P is so exiting again.  I really hope Morning Musume '15 will announce their new single and maybe even preform it. I want ANGERME to preform their new songs and I want Country Girls to give an exact date for the …