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Hello!Pro Questions: get to know me! (Part 2)

Did you say part 2 of the Hello!Pro Questions? I am ready if you are! Last time we stopped by number 40, so now we will go on until number 80!
41. Who is your favorite Tsubaki Factory member? Niinuma Kisora and Ono Mizuho, closely followed by Ogata Risa.
42. Who is your favorite Hello! Pro Kenshuusei member? Can I just make a list? Because there are a lot of girls I adore. To start with Danbara Ruru and Horie Kizuki, followed by the whole 27th gen.
43. Which member would you like to have as your mother? As in current members? That would be weird, as I am older than most of them. I guess Suzuki Airi of the current members and Kamei Eri or Niigaki Risa of the graduated members. They all seem fun and caring members, so probably great and loving mothers (same goes for Sudo Maasa).
44. Which member would you like to have as your sister? Yokoyama Reina looks like a sister I would be protecting for dear life, while Kudo Haruka seems like one I would go on outings with all the time. 
45. Which memb…