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Dreams for Hello!Project

Ah Hello!Project. How I love Hello!Project. I have been a fan for so many years now, that I ofcourse have quite some idea's about how I would help Hello!Project to more people and sales.  Therefore I wanted to make a blog post in which I tell you a few of my ideas and why I think they would work for Hello!Project. Please do let me know your ideas too!
Hello!Cover I adored Hello!Cover. There are a lot of great singers in Hello!Pro at this moment and I think it would be great to see them cover some older Hello!Pro songs. They could be released on iTunes or something and fans could buy covers by their favorite members. I would be even more awsome if a group would actually let all girl cover one of their songs. Like letting all Morning Musume members having a solo version of The Vision or all Kobushi Factory Girls doing Nen ni wa Nen. I mean how great would it be to have Oda Sakura sing Akai ni Nikicchou as an official cover or Hirose Ayaka doing a Goto Maki song. I would really be ex…

Tsubaki Factory: New members join right in their teen years!

A new members. How I love new members. For a group to grow, new members could be the key to unlock so many new things. However, for a group to recieve new members before they have debutted... It's not common in H!P. Let's talk a little bit about groups and new members and ofcourse look at these new additions to TF!
When S/mileage and Juice=Juice were formed, Tsunku said that the members could be changed (added or taken from the group) before and after their debut. This was a really scary thing for these two new groups and their new fans. The groups had to find a dynamic between the members to stay as they were. We ofcourse know that Tsunku never added any members before their debut nor did he take members. S/mileage got new members after Ogawa Saki started thinking about leaving the group (maybe Maeda Yuuka was also already in this mindset) and Juice=Juice only lost Otsuka Aina due to Contract issues. Kobushi Factory and Country Girls debutted without any line- up changes. Th…

[Graduation Special] Inaba Manaka: Dancing Queen leaving the scene

Give me a moment *blows nose*. Okay, maybe you have heared, maybe you haven't. Inaba Manaka just graduated Country Girls. Graduated? Well she actually left, but management is calling it graduate so why the hell not. Remember Manakan? She is, I mean was a member of Country Girls and it's only current (not anymore) member from Hokkaido.  Sadly Manaka had been on haitus for about three months now, because she had trouble doing the Country Girls activities due to her astma. She would be taking some time of to recover and feel better and return to us around the end of the Hello!Pro summer tour. About a month ago I did this post about Manaka and how she might not come back, because Hello!Pro history wasn't in her favor and gosh did I hit the nail right on the head.... Manaka joined Hello!Pro kenshuusei in May of 2013. She grabbed a lot of attention due to her incredible dancing skills and her adorable squizy face. Also mine. Manaka is from Hokkaido, so when the Country Musume sh…

H!P Review: Samba! Kobushi Janeiro /Bacchikoi Seishun!/Ora wa Ninkimono

And we are back! Today we are going to look at the most recent Hello!Pro release! Kobushi Factory released their 3rd major single just a week ago and I wanted to have a look at it with you guys, are you ready? Information Samba! Kobushi Janeiro/ Bacchikoi Seishun!/ Ora wa Ninkimono is the 3rd single of Kobushi Factory. It was released in 2016 in six version (3 limited and 3 regular). The single will later on probably also release Event V singles. The members for this single were: Fuji Rio, Hirose Ayaka, Nomura Minami, Ogawa Rena, Hamaura Ayano, Taguchi Natsumi, Wada Sakurako & Inoue Rei.  As of the 3rd of august the single sold 39.662 copies. The tracklist for the cd: 1. Samba! Kobushi Janeiro 2. Bacchikoi Seishun!  3. Ora wa Ninkimono  4. Samba! Kobushi Janeiro (instrumental) 5. Bacchikoi Seishun! (instrumental) 6. Ora wa Ninkimono (instrumental)
Ora wa Nikimono is a cover of the 3rd opening for Crayon Shin-chan and it's the requirement song for the Ai Odorisai 2016 ~Idol Mats…