Dreams for Hello!Project

Ah Hello!Project. How I love Hello!Project.
I have been a fan for so many years now, that I ofcourse have quite some idea's about how I would help Hello!Project to more people and sales. 
Therefore I wanted to make a blog post in which I tell you a few of my ideas and why I think they would work for Hello!Project. Please do let me know your ideas too!

I adored Hello!Cover. There are a lot of great singers in Hello!Pro at this moment and I think it would be great to see them cover some older Hello!Pro songs. They could be released on iTunes or something and fans could buy covers by their favorite members. I would be even more awsome if a group would actually let all girl cover one of their songs. Like letting all Morning Musume members having a solo version of The Vision or all Kobushi Factory Girls doing Nen ni wa Nen. I mean how great would it be to have Oda Sakura sing Akai ni Nikicchou as an official cover or Hirose Ayaka doing a Goto Maki song. I would really be excited for this!

Small group
Hello!Pro has a lot of groups at the moment, with C-ute and Juice=Juice as the smallest groups. I would be really excited if a small group was formed. A duo. trio or quatro would be so much fun. There are so many amazing girls in Hello!Pro Kenshuusei, there is a lot of potential for the group. 
I would adore a trio of Ichinoka, Danbara and Horie. Small groups are awsome!

Remember Sakura and Otome Gumi? I loved them. It was great seeing Morning Musume devided and preform in smaller groups. It would be so awsome if they could do this again, but with a new and original idea. Maybe an extremely girly group and a tomboy group? I would love them to release singles like that.

Let's do the shuffle thing again. A whole concert in which the groups are completely shuffles for the whole thing. So not just for one song, but like the whole thing! It would be great for the interaction and the last time was amazing. Tanpopo# and Zoku V-u-den were my favorite things when I just got into Hello!Project. 

New Hello!Project single
As most of the members who participated in the MoBeKiMaSu single left (only Momoko, C-ute, PonPon, Ayaka, Kanananana, Take and Rinapuu, whith C-ute leaving in 2017). We totally need a new song and single. The last single was amazing and it just gives Hello!Project a theme song for the next view years. 

This is it for now, but I have lots more to come! Please come back and see what's new (and what idea's management steals from me ;))


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