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[Graduation Special] Suzuki Kanon: Oh My Wish!

And here we are once again. Tomorrow will be the day sweet Suzuki, the day you will leave us to follow your own dreams. As a fan I am so proud of you and everthing you did and everything you will be doing. 
I wish you had more moments in the spotlight, zukki.  Yet maybe you never needed the spotlight, your smile was a light on it's own. You always made me and many many other fans smile when you preformed. But at this moment, Zukki, I can not find my smile. I can only wonder how I will be feeling tomorrow, how you will be feeling. Are you happy? Are you relieved? Are you lonely? Are you sad? Are you disappointed? I wonder how you are right now and if you are thinking about all the wonderful times you had or are you thinking about all the harsh comments you got while being in Morning Musume?  Beautiful Beautiful Zukki. let your heart be filled with the love of all your fans tomorrow. I am so sad to see you leave, eventhough I always knew one day this would be happening.
Zukki, I hav…

[Graduation Special] Tamura Meimi: Sumairu Blues

Here it is.  The two day's of Hello!Project Horror. To start of Tamura Meimi, the silly queen of S/mileage and ANGERME. At this time, while I am writing this, her graduation concert started and I haven't even started to write my Graduation Special on her.  Meimi, your final moment is here.
Let's go back 7 years. I was a big fan of the Anime Shugo Chara and loved everthing around it. So ofcourse I watched the musical as soon as it was uploaded on youtube. I remember thinking how amazing the girl was who played Yaya, because she fitted the role of spoiled baby so good.  I was really suprised to find her auditioning for S/mileage two years later. I actually didn't think a lot of girls would get into S/mileage (certainly not 5), so I didn't really know who to root for. I liked Meimi, yet I do not remember actually really wanting her in S/mileage. I think I was more a Sakura, Yuka and Karin kinda girl. Still I was really happy when she became a member of S/mileage, eve…

H!P Treasure Box: Sasaki Rikako

Time for a treasure box! Who do we have today Randomizer-san? It's Sasaki Rikako, ANGERME's yellow beauty! Let's have a look at her <3 Sasaki Rikako Name: Sasaki Rikako Nickname: Rikako Birthday: May 28, 2001 (age: 14) Group: ANGERME
1. What do you like about this member? I like Rikako, because she is beautiful and has a very enjoyable voice. Furthermore she is really cute when she is preforming, as she really enjoys it! Oh and she can be pretty weird, which is awsome. 2. What do you dislike about this member? I always liked her. The only thing I did not like were her fans who were always yelling when she didn't get into Morning Musume or anything. 3. When was the first time you saw this member? When she was on a Japanese TV show being compared to Oshima Yuko and Maeda Atsuko, the two centers of AKB48! 4. How did she look? (Picture) (adorableeeee) 5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in? I think it was Ten Made Nobore? And for ANGERME Taiki Bansei ofcourse!

Morning Coffee: Kosuga Fuyuka

Ah, goodmorning! Are you ready for your Morning Coffee? Today we are going to have a look at something that happend about 4,5 years ago and we are going to focus on a member! Let's start.
Kosuga Fuyuka 5 Years ago H!P's then youngest group announced they would start their search for 2nd generation members. Yes, it was S/mileage! These four members had been working for more than 2 years on their dream of becoming idols. Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon and Ogawa Saki were S/mileage and without them knowing Tsunku announced the search for a second generation. It was well know by the fans that the original 4 members were not happy about this, which made the fans unhappy. Yet the auditions were held and new members were found. These members would first be sub-members and had to work their way on becoming full S/mileage members.  5 sub-members were announced of which four are still in ANGERME today (Although Tamura Meimi announced her graduation for the end of this month). Yet…

H!P Treasure Box: Oda Sakura

You guys will not believe me when I tell you Today's girl was choosen by the Randomizer again. Yet Oda Sakura was the girl who came first and I will be glad to finally make a Treasure Box about her! So let's start with our Suppin Utahime.
Oda Sakura Name: Oda Sakura Nickname: Sakura, Odachii Birthdate:March 12, 1999 (age: 17) Group: Morning Musume Gen: 11th gen  Color: Lavender
1. What do you like about this member? Everything about her. I think Oda-chan is the perfect idol. She is beautiful, dances amazing and her singing <3!! She is my top idol and I love her. 2. What do you dislike about this member? Nothing! NOTHING 3. When was the first time you saw this member? When she auditioned for S/mileage! 4. How did she look? (Picture) Sooo fresh and young! 5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in? Help me!! Which is her debut song ofcourse! 6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Help me!! I bought the edition with her duet on it! 7. What is a preforman…