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Hello hello my dearest readers!
I am happy to finally tell you I finished my piece on Zukki!
By now it should have been published and I am very happy I could finally finish it.
I had a hard time writing a piece for her, because I couldn't find the words for how I felt about her announcement and her upcoming graduation, but I took my time and I can finally say what I wanted to say, so please look for it!

My life has been kind of crazy right now. I am almost done with my education and it's just all way to weird. I had my last official test and it was just weird. I bought some quails along the way and these babies need a lot of attention. On the internet they are discribed as easy to keep and I can tell you: LIES!
Here they are! The male in front is called Timon, while the two ladies in the back are Sietske and Kevin. Kevin was kinda bald in this picture because she was losing her baby feathers. 

Anyway these three little monsters take up a lot of time, because they need food and water, but also cleaning and they make a mess all the time. 
I also went on a vacation to the LOVELY UK and it was amazing. Also had a great trip to the Efteling which is a dutch theme park with lots of fairytales and attractions. 
And ofcourse there is this blog. I really haven't posted that often and I can not promise I will in the future. Yet I have some really awsome ideas for on this blog. I wanna start again with the treasure box posts and the hidden gems, but I also am planning a series of blogposts about the history of Hello!Project. This will be about members, auditions, music and everything I know and can find. I am ofcourse a History student so I love reading about the history of H!P and there is so much. This means I wanna sort of educate new fans and show them about some amazing things that are usually very unknown about members, songs, auditions, etc etc. In these past 6/7 years I have found a lot of information about H!P and I wanna share them my way. So please look forwards to that!
This year already a lot has happend on the idol front and I have so much to share with you, so I hope I will find more time to write things for you guys! 
Byebye for now <3 


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