Rememberance Day

Today is Rememberance Day in the Netherlands.
It is a really important day for us or atleast I regard it as one. 
At first this day was started to remember all the Dutch victims of the second world war.
In 1961 it was decided we would remember all the victims that died during and after World War II due to war, militairy conflict or peace operations. 
It is important we have this day, because it remembers us how lucky we should be to be free, not hunted down or killed.
Many, many innocent people died during and after World War II. They died for nothing or even fighting for peace and freedom
I think it is really important we remember them and explain the youngest generations why we have this day. Because it is not only important for the people who knew victims or have been victims, it is also important to remember this may never happen again. 

Tomorrow we will have Liberation Day.
It is the day the Netherlands was freed from the Nazi's: 5th of May 1945.
We will again remember the importance of freedom and peace, but in a more festive way.

Remembering will help us see the value of peace everytime. 
Never forget, Peace is not normal, it should be, but it is not.
If you live in peace, remember who brought that peace and what sacrafices had to be made.
Peace should never be taken for granted. Never.


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