Morning Coffee: Kosuga Fuyuka

Ah, goodmorning! Are you ready for your Morning Coffee?
Today we are going to have a look at something that happend about 4,5 years ago and we are going to focus on a member! Let's start.

Kosuga Fuyuka
5 Years ago H!P's then youngest group announced they would start their search for 2nd generation members. Yes, it was S/mileage!
These four members had been working for more than 2 years on their dream of becoming idols. Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka, Fukuda Kanon and Ogawa Saki were S/mileage and without them knowing Tsunku announced the search for a second generation. It was well know by the fans that the original 4 members were not happy about this, which made the fans unhappy. Yet the auditions were held and new members were found. These members would first be sub-members and had to work their way on becoming full S/mileage members. 
5 sub-members were announced of which four are still in ANGERME today (Although Tamura Meimi announced her graduation for the end of this month). Yet a lot of newer fans do not know the 5th sub-member well or at all. And that's the girl we are going to talk about today. 
Fuyuka Kosuga was announced a winner of the S/mileage auditions on the 14th of August 2011 togheter with Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari, Katsuta Rina and Tamura Meimi. 
The girls soon started activities for tjheir upcoming single, in which the sub-members didn't really sing at all. Kosuga was seen center of the sub-members a lot (like you can see above). 
The sub-members were heavily promoted to make sure they got populair with the bitter fans. A lot of fans were still bitter about the auditions, but also because founding member Ogawa Saki left very suddenly. The 2nd generation was featured in magazine shots and in the S/mileage calender. Around the 4th of september Kosuga was announced unwell and would not be attending a few events.
And yet as the fans started to get used to the 5 new faces, the first concert with these members started to come up and ofcourse their first single, the S/mileage website announced Kosuga Fuyuka would already be leaving the group. This was due to her being incredibly sick and she had to be hospitalised for it. Fuyuka had severe anemia and left S/mileage 26 days after she became a sub-member.
She would still be featured in Tachiagirl, but the promotional events and the concert would have to be changed because of her loss. 
Fuuchan had already been part of the promotional video of the Hello!Project single Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku and some of the promotional recordings, yet she can only be seen in the dance shots and the group lip ver., which are very unclear, because all sub-members were in the back. 
In the announcement it was said Fuyuka would rejoin Hello!Project once she recovered and become a part of Hello!pro Egg. This gave a lot of fans hope for her return in S/mileage, a lot of it's members are from the Eggs after all! (Note: Eggs was the previous name of Kenshuusei). 
The next year Kosuga returned. Her official return was already in January, but it wasn't revealed to the fans until March. Kosuga returned and fans were waiting for her to get back to S/mileage. Yet this would never happen.
The S/mileage members cheered her on during her Kenshuusei time and even went to a concert with orange glowsticks for her. Fans found out this would have been her official color based on S/mileage dvd magazine vol. 7. On the front all girls are shown in their member colors.

She auditioned for Morning Musume's 11th generation that year, but failed and went on a haitus for a few months (Nov. 2012- April 2013). She participated in most of the kenshuusei events after this.
So when in January 2014 it was announced Kosuga was in poor Physical health a lot of fans started to worry. 
Was she ever going to come back? And was she ever going to rejoin S/mileage?
In may the answer everybody was dreading was released: Kosuga Fuyuka left Hello!Project.
She would not be returning to S/mileage nor Hello!Project Eggs. 
She did open a twitter later on and communicated with her fans, but didn't say anything about returning to the entertainment.
Yet as of May 2016 she signed with a new agency. Kosuga Fuyuka is now part of Japan Music Entertainment, so who knows what the future will hold for her!


  1. This was a nice write-up about this former Egg. I'm glad she's back in a new agency and I hope things go better for her then.


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