[Graduation Special] Tamura Meimi: Sumairu Blues

Here it is. 
The two day's of Hello!Project Horror.
To start of Tamura Meimi, the silly queen of S/mileage and ANGERME.
At this time, while I am writing this, her graduation concert started and I haven't even started to write my Graduation Special on her. 
Meimi, your final moment is here.

Let's go back 7 years. I was a big fan of the Anime Shugo Chara and loved everthing around it. So ofcourse I watched the musical as soon as it was uploaded on youtube. I remember thinking how amazing the girl was who played Yaya, because she fitted the role of spoiled baby so good. 
I was really suprised to find her auditioning for S/mileage two years later.
I actually didn't think a lot of girls would get into S/mileage (certainly not 5), so I didn't really know who to root for. I liked Meimi, yet I do not remember actually really wanting her in S/mileage. I think I was more a Sakura, Yuka and Karin kinda girl. Still I was really happy when she became a member of S/mileage, eventhough she was going to be a sub-member first.
I really loved her energy and her amazing hair. She did stand out a lot, because of her energy and later on thanks to her voice. Meimi has a face that makes you think of a very high pitched voice and here she was with a very deep and mature voice. I was so suprised. 
But I was not suprised when she (and the other sub-members) became full members. Meimi fitted in the group, she and her smile could make everyone smile with her. Another thing that did not suprise me, was that she was made into a main vocalist of S/mileage pretty soon. I understood is perfectly fine, eventhough I wished Kananannan and Rinapuu would have been pushed more. Meimi has a reliable voice and can hit so many noted, being a front girl was only fitting for her. And her energy made everything she did so enjoyable.
Meimi, she kept suprising me. Such a cute girl and such an amazing voice. She has been infront forever, but she really shined during musicals. Her emotions and her live voice are just amazing and she really seemed at home on stage.
Meimi knew what she was doing on stage. She looked serious at the right moments, but also smiled at the moments you want her too. I never knew how good she was until Lilium. She showed so much professionalism and skill. I was actually really suprised someone so happy and energetic could pull of the roll she did. Marigold was such a serious role and she was so amazing.
When Meimi announced her graduation, I was suprised. I guess her graduation might have been one of the first ones I did not anticipate on. Most graduations are no suprise, but hers. I understand she wants to act and I think she will be amazing, but her smile will be missed so much. 
And she seems such a nice senpai to her kouhai. She made so many friends in Hello!Project and so many fans. I do not think she will be easy to forget. 

Meimi, Gosh I can not believe you will be leaving us. You are so amazing and I adore your voice so much. Please be happy with your choice and do your best as an actor.
Never stop smiling, Meimi.
Our sumairu blues will start now. 
Thank you for everything.


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