H!P Treasure Box: Shimamura Uta

An other Treasure Box further we find Country Girls and no members done yet! Weird thing is Uta is still on that list, so let's get it done with and do the biggest loss of 2015.

Shimamura Uta
Name: Shimamura Uta 
Nickname: Utachan
Birthday: June 24, 2000 (age: 15)
Group: Country Girls
Color: Daisy

1. What do you like about this member?
Uta was everthing a good idol should be. She was cute, shy, amazing voice and beautiful.
2. What do you dislike about this member?
3. When was the first time you saw this member?
When she was announced a member of Country Girls!
4. How did she look? (Picture)
5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in?
Itooshikutte Gomen ne, which is sort of Uta's song.
6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Ofcourse her debut single Itooshikutte gomen ne/Koi Dorobou!
7. What is a preformance you really enjoy of this member?
Her preformance in the one-shot group Patisserie (with Iikubo Haruna and Uemura Akari)
Sadly the video was deleted, but they did V-u-dens song Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari and is was adorable.
8. What song would you like to see this member preform?
Urgh all the new Country girls songs? Please come back :'(
9. Post three of your favorite pictures of this member.
And many many more! She is just adorable <3 
10. What is your best memory of this girl?
Every moment with Uta-chan was precious.. 
Bonus question:
If you met this girl tomorrow, what would you tell her?
Utachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ I miss you so much. Why did you have to leave <3 You are so amazing!!


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