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Thank you Very Berry: Love Togheter! Full version

Love Togheter! Full version All Berryz Koubou fans must have seen the last Berryz song ever: Love Togheter! A very sentimental goodbye from Berryz Koubou to us, but also themselfs. 
The songs shows us a lot of older dance moves, the girls waving and some very pretty shots of them alone. It really shows us the sadness they must feel and the loneliness this upcoming indefinite Haitus brings for them. Sometimes we fans tend to forget this is not only hard for us, but even more for the girls themselfs. They love Berryz Koubou, but it's time to move on, but leaving something that has been part of your life behind is hard. It's time they all get to do what they want with there lives. Get boyfriends, go to college, finish college, do something diffrent or just taking a break. 
This video really shows me how hard this is on them. Seeing them almost cry and clapping for themself made me feel very sad. They are leaving a version of themselfs behind and that's what they show. Grow-up…

Thank you Very Berry: Kumai Yurina

Kumai Yurina   And here it is, the post I was dreading. I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to all Berryz, but Yurina is a whole other story. So this post will probably be a lot longer than any other berryz post.
Kumai Yurina grabbed my attention straight away, in Guardians 4 but also in Berryz Koubou! She was beautiful, super cute and had a very big smile across her face. I know a lot of people don't enjoy her voice, but I love it. Her lead songs are some of my favorites in the world. I really like how it's a bit raw, but how she can still hit a lot of amazing notes!
I don't really know how to express my love for Yurina. She means so much to me. But I am very proud of her. She has been going to University next to being in Idol and she is already starting her fourth year! She will be graduating in 2016 and it makes me really proud. Finishing University is really hard and that's not the only thing she does, which makes me admire her even more. 
Shining Power was Y…

Thank you Very Berry: Guardians 4

Guardians 4 The time has come to write again about one of my favorite units ever.  Guardians 4 is the group that started it all. The group I loved from their very first song until today.  It made me fall in love with all the other groups within H!P and I am very gratefull to the group.
I remember hearing their first song on Shugo Chara! Omakase♪Guardian  grabbed me from the start. I really liked how happy the song was and how it gave me a really nice feeling.  It left such a big impression on me, I searched for more. So it got me into Berryz Koubou and soon after Momusu and C-ute, with the soon indies debuting S/mileage following. 
Guardians 4 released 4 amazing singles with 2 awsome b-sides. I wish I owned one of them, but I do not. My favorite song is still Summer has come!, which is a b-side (I once did a post about it! Check it out here: Click!), but I actually adore all their songs. 
I once cosplayed as Risako from Omakase♪Guardian during a festival in the Netherlands. I didn'…

Thank you Very Berry: Tsugunaga Momoko

Tsugunaga Momoko Tsugunaga Momoko, aka Momochi is one of Berryz Koubou's front members. She almost always has solo lines and she is very often in front of the profile pictures.  Momoko also had a big part in Buono! and she will become the Playing Manager of Country Girls once she graduates Berryz Koubou.
Momoko hasn't been one of my favorite members, but I do appriciate her. I think she has always brought a lot to the group and she will bring a lot to Country Girls too.
Her Momochi Character is something I dislike. I don't really like how she is searching for attention when being that character, while I really adore Momoko, I dislike Momochi. 
Still her solo song kinda makes me smile. I can see how she has a lot of fans with a song like that and I think she is really appealing for a lot of younger fans. 
Momoko will be the Playing Manager of Country Girls. I think she will do great. She has been doing a very good job promoting them and pushing all the girls. I think she wi…

Thank you Very Berry: Handshake Event in Paris

Handshake Event in Paris Meeting Berryz Koubou has been one of my biggest wishes. Eventhough my attention had been on other groups within H!P, I always wanted to meet them the most. Berryz Koubou means so much to me, that meeting them was one of my biggest wishes. When it was announced they would come to Paris I was over joyed. It took me some time to figure out how to get there financially, but my boyfriend was a great help. I didn't think I could do it, but he told me: This is the group you wanna meet right? The group you always told yourself you would see if they came to Paris? Than you should go. It might cost money, but going to Japan will cost you more, so let's go.  He was right. I promissed myself I would go, so we booked a hotel and the fun started.  I was Super exited, not only would I be seeing a concert of 2 amazing groups, but I would be able to shake their hands and thank them real life. 
For the handshake event I needed a ticket that was in the cd. So when we ar…

Thank you Very Berry: Sudo Maasa

Sudo Maasa Sudo Maasa was one of the main vocalists of the first Berryz Single ever, but has been pushed back ever since. Maasa is (with Momoko) the only Berryz member who has never painted her hair during her time in Berryz. She was always known for her long black hair, until she cut it in the summer of 2013.
Being very honest with you, Maasa has always been one of my least favorite members of Berryz Koubou, she and Momoko were always at the bottem. I don't know why, but she never really got to me, I never found her appealing nor cute. But it all changed after I met her in real life. 
Meeting her and looking her in the eye made me realize not only how beautiful she is, but she also has such a kind soul. I adored her smile and how much she was beaming! She went form below to my second favorite!
Maasa has never really got that much oppertunity to sing, which makes me really sad. She was so promissing in Anata nashi, but they never gave her that much lines again. 
Maasa will staying…

Thank you Very Berry: Champuru

Champuru In 2009 it was announced that old H!P shuffle groups would be revived! All H1P members (exept for the H!P Eggs) would be putt into revival groups, which means that they wouldn't be in their normal group and would sing with others. In some groups they tried to putt original members, but this was impossible for some of the groups, because their members already joined another group. The following groups were revived with the following members (red being Berryz Koubou members): High- King Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki and Maeda Yuuka
Zoku V-u-den Michishige Sayumi, JunJun and Sugaya Risako.
Aa! Natsuyaki Miyabi, Suzuki Airi and Saho Akari.
ZYX-α Niigaki Risa, Kusumi Koharu, Umeda Erika, Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, Sudo Maasa, Wada Ayaka and Ogawa Saki
Shin Minimoni Linlin, Fukuda Kanon, Miyamoto Karin and Takeuchi Akari
Petimoni V Mano Erina, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai
Tanpopo#  Kamei Eri, Mitsui Aika, Kumai Yurina and Okai Chisato
This ment that …

Thank you Very Berry: Tokunaga Chinami

Tokunaga Chinami Chinami is one of the Berryz that has been mostly in the back, but she has a great smile, which has attracted a lot of her fans. Chinami is really adorable and always had this kinda special thing about her.
Chinami is well known for her change in hairstyles. It's long or very short, never really inbetween.  I started noticing Chinami after her amazing "line" in Very Beauty. It kinda crawled under my skin and even today it still gives me the shivers. Chinami has a very diffrent voices from all the other Berryz. Her voice is kinda higher and more child like. Sadly she never really got a lead in one of their singles, but she has two amazing b-side leads! Mou, kodomo ja nai watashi na no ni... and Sekai de Ichiban taisetsu na Hito are two of my alltime favorite Berry B-sides. Chinami's lead really makes these songs fresh and new, which I really like. 
Chinami has also been in a few sub-units. She has been part of the revival of ZYX (ZYX-α), DIY<3 and …

Thank you Very Berry: 7 days

7 days Just 7 days to go, the count down started. Next week around this time, Berryz Koubou will end their activities. 
On the 2nd of August 2014 Berryz Koubou announced their Hiatus. They had desided that they all wanna do something else with their lives and it was time to go. They decided on an hiatus, because Berryz Koubou has been their youth and their treasure. Disbanding the group would make that name disappear and they couldn't bear the thought of that. So they are all graduation the group, but the group (or it's name and idea) will be on Haitus. The announcement shocked me, eventhough I was kinda waiting for it after their 10th anniversary song. I cried all the way through the announcement, but I really understood their feelings. They have given up so much of their lives for Berryz Koubou and us, the fans. They must wanna start exploring the world on their own and start their own futures. 
These seven members have been a part of H!P for most of their lives and eventhou…

Thank you Very Berry: Sugaya Risako

Sugaya Risako Sugaya Risako, the youngest Berry with the most mature voice. Risako was one of my original favorites. I fell in love with her during the first Guardians 4 single. She is cute, beautiful and has such a elegant glow around her. 
I did lose a bit of intrest in her when she started dyeing her hair all these weird colors. But when I started watching more making of's and backstage footage, I found she was still as adorable as ever.
Risako has an amazing voice, Sometimes she uses it wrong, but most of the time I adore it. It's no surpise that she also got a solo song for an anime. Risako has a very mature and dramatic voice, which fits a lot of songs really good! She hits notes that give me chills, but her voice is still very pleasant. 
I remember Risako being very shy and unsure of herself when she was very young. I have cried many times seeing her on stage crying about what a hard time she had learning to dance. Her pout was always one of my favorite things and her b…

Thank you Very Berry: Buono!

Buono! Buono! is a group made from 3 H!P kids members for the anime Shugo Chara. They released songs that were used for the anime and later on they also released songs of their own. Buono! was the first H!P unit I ever saw and listened to. Until today this group is very dear to my heart and seeing them preform live was a dream coming true. 
Buono's first single grabbed my attention immidiatly. I really liked how upbeat and cute it sounded. Buono released quite some songs and I have been following them from the very beginning!
The Leader of the group is Tsugunaga Momoko. The girls all have a member color:
Suzuki Airi has Green, Natsuyaki Miyabi has Red and Momoko has Pink. Buono! has been one of the most populair sub-units in H!P. They have released more singles than any other sub-unit and until today they are still officially active! 
I have a lot of songs from Buono! that I adore. Here is a little list of some of my absolute favorites: 1. My alright Sky 2. Goal 3. Our Songs 4. Gac…

Thank you Very Berry: Shimizu Saki

Shimizu Saki Berryz Koubou's oldest member and their captain is Shimizu Saki.  Nobody really believed Saki was the oldest of the Berryz Kids, because she was always smaller than the others and had a very childlike face. Ofcourse this changed when she got older and now she is a beautiful, mature 23 year old.
Captain has also been one of my favorite members. I like her voice and her dancing is amazing. As a captain she has always been very srong and I really admire her.
Captain was never one of the front members, eventhough I think she can sing really good. She has a quite low and pleasant voice to listen to. Ofcourse they have always showcase her awsome dancing. I was super happy for her she got some spotlight in Otona na no yo!
Captain has been part of some units I really loved. ZYX was really cool and eventhough she didn't have a super big part in it, I though she was super awsome. She was also part form the unit Green Fields, which released two singles. I really loved how bi…

Thank you Very Berry: 6th Otakebi Album

6th Otakebi Album Everyone has their favorite album. My favorite Berryz Koubou album is their 6th album: 6th Otakebi Album. I really adored this album and the songs. I actually wanted to make a review about the album, but I am just not very good at making reviews. I can only say what lines I like and which not.  This album just had a lot of good songs. I remember this periode being their "Otakebi" periode, a bit like C-ute just had their Kanashiki Heaven era. A lot of things they released in this periode were with Otakebi, their album, one concert, one concert tour, the single and ofcourse the Spark version.   This album has four of my all time favorite Berryz Koubou songs on it: Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda Kimi no Tomodachi Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi Ofcourse two of them are singles, but they are still favorites! I really loved Kimi no Tomodachi. The song has a lot of meaning to me and Risako's lead is just perfect. I really loved the…