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[Music Column] Top 10 Itunes playlist!

Hello hello everyone! Today we are going to have a little look into my Itunes playlist! I want to show you the song that are at the top of my playlist, so you get an idea of what songs I enjoy and what I think are the best songs on my playlist! Currently I have 626 songs, which will last me for 1.7 days!
So here we go with number 10: With 77 listens: Two songs have 77 listens (After this post both 78!). Blue Bird by Ikimono Gakari and Jane Doe by Takahashi Minami! I love these songs. Blue Bird caught my attention due to Taiko no Tatsujin. I thought it was a really cool song, with amazing vocals and beat. Jane Doe, I don't remember how I came by it. I think it might have been because on this CD Takamina covered Migikata, which is one of my favorite songs ever. So the song was on my to listen list and made it this far because it's amazing. I love the really cool and kind of tragic feel. If I had to choose between one of these song, I wouldn't choose. They are on the same spo…

Pray for Brussels

I can not believe it.  Terrorisme has struck again.  People died again for nothing, for a fight they aren't even part of. 
Today, just an hour or two again and even at this moment, Brussels is being attacked by terrorists.  The airport in Brussels Zaventem and in a metro station have been attacked in the last two hours and a lot of innocent lives lost their lives.  There is not much information about the terrorists attackes yet, because it is still so fresh. 
I can not believe that this keeps happening.  Why is this happening? What are they trying to do?!
Watching the news is scary.  People are scared, mad, devistated, hurt and broken.  This week a big terrorist was finally caught in Brussels and everyone was so happy that horrible man was finally of the streets. But now. 
The news keeps coming in right now.  I am so mad and yes I am really scared. 
We can only pray for Brussels right now, hope there won't be more attacks and that those terrorists are caught. Yet we now know …

The Golden Auditions: Silence is Golden

Ah, the Golden Auditions. It has been more than 2 years since the Golden Auditions were announced and these auditions might have been the most fruitful auditions in Morning Musume History! Maybe even in Hello!Project History.  If you are new to H!P or became a fan in the last 2 years, you might not have all your H!P history straight yet, but the Golden Auditions was the second time Morning Musume started searching for 12th gen members.  In 2013 the Mirai Shoujou auditions were held. The auditions failed and no girls joined Morning Musume. It did, however, gave us Yamaki Risa and Funaki Musubu who both became members of Country Girls in the years after, Haga Akane who joined Morning Musume after the Golden Auditions amd Niinuma Kisora who is now a member of Tsubaki Factory. In the end this audition also was a great audition and we still have gems Danbara Ruru and Yokogawa Yumei in the Kenshuusei.  But a year later we had the Golden Audtions. A lot of fans were still bitter from the Mi…

Kamikokuryou Moe: The girl with Angel tears

Quite a long time ago ANGERME added their 4th generation to the group. They welcomed Kamikokuryou Moe, a girl from Kumamoto.  Moe-chan had already auditioned for Momusu, but she didn't make the cut and was devistated. Taiki Bansai helped her get over her loss and she auditioned for ANGERME. Moe is the only 4th generation member and joined the group just before founding member Fukuda Kanon graduated. She became an active member during the winter tour and their upcoming single will be her debut! I really like Moe, no wait let me try that again, I ADORE Moe. This girl is not only super cute and pretty, but also very talented. I was so suprised when she sang, newbies usually aren't this good! I don't know what it is about this girl, but there is a certain magic going on around her that pulled me in. She is just such a cutiepie.  Moe is ofcourse still a newbie and she always looks really cute and a bit flustered, BUT she is getting more confident and the ANGERME girls are help…

Personal: My Days for You

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have been posting frequently.
Gosh so many things happend and my life is really getting more crazy every week.  I have been busy with so many things: School, my internship, finding a house and so much more. 
Ofcourse a lot has been happening with H!P too and I haven't really found the time to post a lot about it (eventhough this is my personal blog and I do not have to post about it ;)). But let me confess something to you guys, I have been starting a post about Zukki's grad for weeks. I had so many starts, but for some reason I just can't. I don't really know why I am struggling with this post, yet here I am, still without a post about Zukki. Please forgive me. The post will come, I just need some (a lot of) time. 
I am going to try to post more, so please look forwards to it! Thank you for always reading my blog! Kate

Berryz Koubou: 1 year later.

Hello Hello everyone, I haven't been posting lately, partly because I have been giving myself a break from everything, partly because I started a post about Zukki, but I do not know how to finish it.
But today is a day I need to post about, because a year ago our Berryz graduated.  Gosh it has been a year... A year since they left us... First let's have a look at what all the girls are currently doing, befoe I get whole emotional again. 
Shimizu Saki (Captain)
Captain is a Hello!Pro advisor and has been very busy with the Kenshuusei. She has been training them (dance lesson) and helping them with their preformances. She also has a big voice in the choice of girls for big parts in song. Captain also played a role in picking the members for Tsubaki Factory. 
Tsugunaga Momoko Momo is the only Berryz Girls who is still in H!P. She is playing manager of Country girls and has been preforming with them for a year now. For me she totally bloomed during this periode. She is super cute an…