Pray for Brussels

I can not believe it. 
Terrorisme has struck again. 
People died again for nothing, for a fight they aren't even part of. 

Today, just an hour or two again and even at this moment, Brussels is being attacked by terrorists. 
The airport in Brussels Zaventem and in a metro station have been attacked in the last two hours and a lot of innocent lives lost their lives. 
There is not much information about the terrorists attackes yet, because it is still so fresh. 

I can not believe that this keeps happening. 
Why is this happening?
What are they trying to do?!

Watching the news is scary. 
People are scared, mad, devistated, hurt and broken. 
This week a big terrorist was finally caught in Brussels and everyone was so happy that horrible man was finally of the streets. But now. 

The news keeps coming in right now. 
I am so mad and yes I am really scared. 

We can only pray for Brussels right now, hope there won't be more attacks and that those terrorists are caught. Yet we now know this won't solve anything. 
I don't know how we can ever stop terrorism and that is scary. 

But I still believe that being scared won't solve anything. 
Right now we need to be there for our neighbours (Belgium is ofcourse the neighbour of the Netherlands). 
We need to stand strong, togheter and fight this evil. 

With the attacks of Paris, my heart was crying.
With these attacks, my heart is screaming.
I am furious.

As I am writing this post, more and more news is coming in. 
Please be strong Brussels. Please be strong everyone. 

And again I wanna remind you all: This is an act of terrorism by barbarians. 
This is not a religion or a land attacking, but a group of humans

(This is an exact copy of my blogpost on Sakura Mankai, but I felt like I should share it on this blog too). 


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