[Music Column] Top 10 Itunes playlist!

Hello hello everyone!
Today we are going to have a little look into my Itunes playlist!
I want to show you the song that are at the top of my playlist, so you get an idea of what songs I enjoy and what I think are the best songs on my playlist!
Currently I have 626 songs, which will last me for 1.7 days!

So here we go with number 10:
With 77 listens:
Two songs have 77 listens (After this post both 78!). Blue Bird by Ikimono Gakari and Jane Doe by Takahashi Minami! I love these songs. Blue Bird caught my attention due to Taiko no Tatsujin. I thought it was a really cool song, with amazing vocals and beat. Jane Doe, I don't remember how I came by it. I think it might have been because on this CD Takamina covered Migikata, which is one of my favorite songs ever. So the song was on my to listen list and made it this far because it's amazing. I love the really cool and kind of tragic feel.
If I had to choose between one of these song, I wouldn't choose. They are on the same spot of my Itunes playlist, because they are the same amount of awsome. 

Number 9
With 78 listens:
Gamusha LIFE by C-ute! Urgh this song is perfection. It is cute, nostalgic and so beautiful! I really love how diffrent this song is from anything C-ute has been releasing. It's such a fun song and it makes me remember their indies days and when they just debutted. C-ute is now the most Adult group of H!P, but they can still do some amazing cute and fun songs! And that rap part! Soo cool. This is a song that can always make me tear up and It deserves to be this high!

Number 8
This song has 80 listens!
The only non Japanese song in the list: Habla Si Puedes by Violetta (Martina Stoessel). I love song that are foreign and this song is no exception! Habla Si Puedes was an insert song for the Telenovella Violetta and I fell in love with it when I first heared it. The feelings in the song and the whole sound are really amazing and beautiful. I love the song in both Spanish (Martina Stoessel) and English (Maggie McClure). If you do not know this song, please give it a listen!

Number 7
96 listens to this amazing song:
Shabadabadoo~ by Michishige Sayumi is one of my favorite things to sing! I have to be really honest with you guys, I did not like the song at first. After the masterpiece that is called Lalala no Pipipi, I thought nothing Michishige sang could steal my heart like that again, WRONG. Shabadabadoo~ is such a cute and fun song. It is quite easy to sing and the lyrics are so funny. Michishige will always be one of the cutest member Morning Musume has every had and this song really shows that. I will forever Shabadabadoo~ under the shower! (Even my mom can sing this song ;))

Number 6
With 100 listens, this song is really a looking back beauty
With the amazing Shabadabadoo~ came another beautiful song: Mikaeri Bijin by Morning Musume '14. I adore this song. It gives such a great vibe of love, nostalgia and loneliness. I love the enka feel and how the girls are quite emotional. The song was such a prefect send of (Is this how you write it??) for our Mikaeri Bijin. Even now, this song is so nostalgic.

Number 5
112 listens and I will never fight:
Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai is my all time favorite AKB48 song. And funny enough it doesn't even have to do with Paruru being center, although I am happy she is. (Paruru is my current favo AKB member!!). This song is so beautiful. It is such a tragic, cool and beautiful song. I love the vocals and the instrumental sooooo much! This song has everything I love in a song and I was actually suprised it didn't make number 1, because I feel like I always listen to this song. Sadly I can not see how many times this song has been played on my Iphone, cause the count could have been much higher. 

Numner 4
123 times has this song been heared:
Maeda Atsuko is as near to perfection as it gets and her song Migikata proves this once again. The song is soooo beautiful and has such beautiful lyrics. I love Acchan's voice and this song shows it of so well. When I discovered this song, I was blown away by it. Again I am quite suprised I only heared it 123 times on my computer, because it has been on repeat for many months. 

Number 3
As sunshine after the rain, 132 listens for:
Ah, one of the first Morning Musume '15 songs with the 12th gen and what an amazing song it is! I adore Yuugure wa Ameagari and the lonely feel it gives. The vocals are really good in this song and really show of how amazing Morning Musume is. I love the instrumental so much! I think this really was a master piece of a song and it deserves ever listen I gave it. This song really doesn't need much explaining, because it really explains itself.

Number 2
140 songs for a song beyond space and time. 
Morning Musume '14 really suprised me in 2014 with Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe. I remember hearing the concert rip of this song and actually crying. This song filled me with an emotion I still can't describe. It felt nostalgic, sad, lonely, but also peacefull. The piano and violin in this song make me shiver everytime the song starts. This song has had over 200 listens on my iphone, I do not need a count to know that. I have listened to it for about 12 hours when I went to Disneyland for a day (6 hours to and from). 

Number 1
With an amazing number of 260 listens, let's listen to the cold wind and lonely love:
Morning Musume is really giving me a lot to go on with these ballad like songs! I love Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomi. I adore Riho's and Sakura's singing in this song a lot and I just really love the whole lonely feel this song had. It's so beautiful and the whole song workes so well togheter. I really think this song might be one of the best songs ever produced. 

Other mentions:
Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS (Juice=Juice)- 75 
Yume no Kawa (AKB48)- 72 
Kibouteki Refrain (AKB48)- 72 
TIKI BUN (Morning Musume '14) - 69
Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani (MomusuxS/mileage)- 66
Gingham Check (AKB48)- 60


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