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Tsubaki Factory- 17sai

As I told you guys before: Tsubaki Factor is a group I adored from the very start. They are currently preforming an old song from Moritaka Chisato called 17sai and it's from 1989. When I first heared them preform the song I was really suprised. It is such a classic sounding song, but it fitted them so well. The group is rater unpolished and you could hear how nervous they all were. But I think they all sound pretty good and I think they will soon be amazing.  The song really grabbed me and now I am addicted to both Tsubaki Factory's and Moritaka-san's version. It's a very happy and catchy song, so please give a listen to it if you like! In this episode we have a preformance of the song and below is an audio track from Moritaka Chisato's version from 1989.

[Graduation Special} Fukuda Kanon- The lost Cinderella

Guess I should let you guys know more about my feelings about this recent news.  Fukuda Kanon announced her graduation from ANGERME and Hello!Project. She will graduated from the group on the 29th of November in Nippon Budokan. 
Did this news suprise me? To be honest; No.  I hate to see her go, so in some way it's always a shock, but I was kinda waiting for it. I knew sooner or later she would be going. I actually thought she was going to leave around Samui ne, but she stayed. When the 3rd gen was announced I knew she (or Dawa) would be leaving soon. I was not suprised by the announcement, maybe more about the way she announced it.  When I saw the news on H!Station I didn't really know what to think. I wasn't shock, not really sad, because I was already expecting it and waiting for it. It didn't hit me like a brick so to say. 
Kanon has always been a bit diffrent from most Idols. She is really pretty and cute, but for some reason she is really hard on herself. Always …

Music Column: Current favorite listens

It has been a while since I told you guys what my current favorite songs are! Let's have a look at them!
SKE48- Pareo wa Emerald Pareo wa Emerald is the 6th single of SKE48. I haven't really been going through all the songs from the sister groups of AKB48, so there is a lot of music that is still new for me.  So is Paro wa Emerald. I saw somewhere that JKT48 was going to release this song as their 9th single and I searched for it.  This song is a very happy and summery song. It's kind of a typical 48group bikini single. And I adore those songs! I really like how it really makes you feel all warm and ready for summer. I really love how they sing Emerald xD!  If you don't know the song: Please check it out!
JKT48- Pareo is your Emerald Above video is the Indonesian version, but I mean the English version. Overall I am more of the Japanese sister groups, but once in a while I give SNH48 and JKT48 a try. I really love that JKT48 releases their songs not only in Indonesian, …

[Part 1] Name based sub-units: I want this now!

I have been thinking something last night: I want name based sub-units >3<!! It would be sooooooo awsome!!
We have so many name sisters now, that it would be really nice! I'll make a list and putt down some fitting songs! Kanon Double Kanon! Who doesn't want that? Both girls have voices that can do amazing things and both girls are super cute! I think this duo would be awsome for many reasons. Possible songs: - Suki Sugite Baka Mitai - GOOD BYE Natsuo
Risa Two Risa's! This is a perfect opening for two beautiful girls to be a duo! I don't know either of their voices that well, but they both have cute, slightly classical voices!  Possible songs: - Kousui - Kono Machi
Please look forwards to more!

Tsubaki Factory: The group of my dreams

Just when we thought we had all the new groups and members we could get, H!P announces a new group! Kobushi Factory got a sister group and they are called Tsubaki Factory.  Tsubaki Factory is made up out of 6 Kenshuusei:  Ogata Risa Yamagishi Riko Niinuma Kisora Tanimoto Ami Kishimoto Yumeno Asakura Kiki The members and name were helped pick by Shimizu Saki. former Berryz Koubou member and H!P advisor. 
I found out about this group due to some pictures and I actually thought they were a concert unit or preforming with C-ute during their tour or something. But they were wearing white and I could only think how amazing these girls would look as a group.  Then I found out they were a group! I was so incredibly happy! Ofcourse it made me worry, because having more new groups would lead to less attention for other groups or it might indicate a group leaving, but then again I was and am sooo happy for these girls. 
I have been following Kisora ever since she joined and I believe she even is in m…