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Current H!P rankings!

Let's do a quick update on my Hello!Project rankings! Let's do a top 20 of december 2017! Number 20 This is actually number 15 and there are about 6 girls on this spot... Stupid ranking game.. Manaka and Yuka are here. I love both girls A LOT. Yuka is a great leader, very friendly and has been improving so much, it's incredible. And let's not talk about her beauty. Manaka!! She came back and deserves to be in the top 20. Working hard again, while helping the Hokkaido Kenshuusei, what is not to love.
I am so suprised Musubu is all the way up here. I love Musubu, she is great. Great voice and such a cutie, still I am suprised she made it all the way up here. Ayumi is the same. Ayumi was once in my top 3, yet she fell all the way down. She is however still in the top 20! I am suprised, yet happy. Ayumi is talented and so important for Momusu.  Ogata was to be expected. Yes she is in the back of Momusu, but she is so cute and pretty. Miki is getting all the way in the fron…

Kudo Haruka: From Chick to Duu-Senpai

Today, Morning Musume's 10th generation member Kudo Haruka will graduate. Kudo will leave Morning Musume and Hello!project to become an actress.
When Kudo announced her graduation, I was really sad. I loved Kudo from since she was still and Egg and supported her all the way up to her. Yet, it was going to happen one day and Kudo happend to be the first 10th generation member to make up her mind and find a new dream. I remember when she was just this little thing with a cute haircut and her husky voice. She was so tiny and such a fresh addition to Morning Musume. She was my favorite during the auditions and always ranked pretty high in my rankings. I mean Kudo has it all: Interesting voice, cute face, acting skillz, model aura and I can go on. Sadly, after the 10th generation debut, Kudo was push into the back of the group in favor of Sato Masaki and Ishida Ayumi. She stayed in the background for well over 3/4 years, until Oh My Wish! Yet we have not to underestimate Kudo Haruka. …