Kudo Haruka: From Chick to Duu-Senpai

Today, Morning Musume's 10th generation member Kudo Haruka will graduate.
Kudo will leave Morning Musume and Hello!project to become an actress.

When Kudo announced her graduation, I was really sad.
I loved Kudo from since she was still and Egg and supported her all the way up to her.
Yet, it was going to happen one day and Kudo happend to be the first 10th generation member to make up her mind and find a new dream.
I remember when she was just this little thing with a cute haircut and her husky voice.
She was so tiny and such a fresh addition to Morning Musume.
She was my favorite during the auditions and always ranked pretty high in my rankings.
I mean Kudo has it all: Interesting voice, cute face, acting skillz, model aura and I can go on.
Sadly, after the 10th generation debut, Kudo was push into the back of the group in favor of Sato Masaki and Ishida Ayumi. She stayed in the background for well over 3/4 years, until Oh My Wish!
Yet we have not to underestimate Kudo Haruka. She may have been in the background of Morning Musume's singles, in Musicals she had always been one of the front girls!
Lilium might have been the moment people really started seeing her value as an actress.
Kudo was really good at portraying male parts and became loved as one.
As for me, I love Kudo's acting, especially as Asada in Triangle. Her duets with Oda Sakura are along the most listened things I have. I am a big fan of their duets.
When Morning Musume released the preview of Oh My Wish! I could not believe managment finally pushed Kudo and Suzuki Kanon for a double center. And oh did they rock that song! For Suzuki it stayed with that and not long after she graduated Morning Musume, which left Kudo devistated. She loved having a double center with Kanon and their last preformance of that song still breaks my heart.
Kudo, however, stayed around the center and got more solo lines than before. She got a place in the triple center Sexy Cat no Enzetsu and got some important lines in other song. 
Kudo finally got the place she deserved in Morning Musume when she decided that she wanted to follow a new dream. 
Today my heart is heavy.
I wanted Kudo to stay way longer and become the leader of Morning Musume. 
She would have been amazing at that job.
Yet I find it amazing that she is following a new dream and go for it with all she has.
Kudo however stays under Upfront and will move to M-line!
Let's hope for amazing parts in plays and maybe we will she her back in plays with Hello!Pro members like Sudo Maasa, Shimizu Saki and Yajima Maimi. 

Kudo, I will forever be sad that I didn't get to meet you as a Morning Musume member, yet I know you will be perfect at the things you dream of!
Please do you best and your fans will always have your back!


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