Current H!P rankings!

Let's do a quick update on my Hello!Project rankings!
Let's do a top 20 of december 2017!
Number 20
This is actually number 15 and there are about 6 girls on this spot... Stupid ranking game..
Manaka and Yuka are here. I love both girls A LOT. Yuka is a great leader, very friendly and has been improving so much, it's incredible. And let's not talk about her beauty. Manaka!! She came back and deserves to be in the top 20. Working hard again, while helping the Hokkaido Kenshuusei, what is not to love.

I am so suprised Musubu is all the way up here. I love Musubu, she is great. Great voice and such a cutie, still I am suprised she made it all the way up here. Ayumi is the same. Ayumi was once in my top 3, yet she fell all the way down. She is however still in the top 20! I am suprised, yet happy. Ayumi is talented and so important for Momusu. 
Ogata was to be expected. Yes she is in the back of Momusu, but she is so cute and pretty. Miki is getting all the way in the front of Momusu and has been doing so well. Not to mention her english. 

Number 14
Yas for Mizuho!Ah this girl just steals my heart in ever MV she is in. Beautiful and talented! Her voice is so great and that smile. 

Number 13
Again more than 1 girl.
Risamaruuuuuuuuu~ My favorite Tsubaki. This girl! I love how unique her voice is and how soft it can get. And she has such a lovable face. Kana-nn-na-na, my heart belongs to Kanana <3 She has been one of my favorite forever. Kana grew so much in Hello!Pro, it's amazing. Girl can sing and dance and look pretty and be funny. 

Number 11
She is the Yoko to my Yan, it's Yokoyan! Urgh the moment this girl got on stage a year ago, I was sold. Cute, low voice and such a goof. I am so happy she got in Momusu and she is climbing up my rankings like no other!

Number 10
Look who decided she needs to be in my top 10. Riho, seriously, how did you get up here? Absence makes the heart go fonder? Crap, you are right. Guys I have been missing Riho like crazy. LIKE CRAZY. No wonder she is all the way up here. Riho come back please.

Number 9
Well number 8 with two members, but oh well.
Well hello Yamaki! Yamaki for sure has been one of my favorites eversince she joined the kenshuusei. A great girl, smart and pretty. She can sing, she is an idol. Mizuki as well. This girl was ment to debut and she loves to show it. Again amazing voice and that face. 

Number 7
RURU? YES GIRL. Same story as with Yamaki and gosh am I happy she debutted. Ruru was so great to meet and that girl is on fire when she gets on that stage. Such talent, such grace.

Number 6
Or number 4 with 3 girls!
Harunan is never really moving. Always in my top 5. Cute, pretty and sweet. Her voice is interesting and always amazes me. And such a talented sub-leader. Wait. WAIT CHII-CHAN?! What are you doing here? CHII-CHAN? Urgh she is so cute. Chii is a cutie and she always was. I love her shy persona in Momusu and think she is a great addition.
Ka-mi-ko!! My ANGERME Oshi. Kamiko is so amazing. I love her. Her face is beautiful and her voice is soo nice to listen to. She is great in ANGERME.

We can just go now right? You all know who make up my top three.

Number 3
Ikuta. No suprises here. I don't know why, but she always knows how to catch my eye. Even if she is in the back. She is so pretty and that long hair is so beautiful. She is getting more spotlight and it pleases me greatly. A cool and pretty girl, who is also a great senpai. 

Number 2
Kanatomo, such a joy. She was amazing to meet. Friendly and thankful. She was so happy with my shirt and did a little dance for me. I love her smile and her voice. And that eyecontact she made during the show. Yes Tomoko is and forever will be high in my rankings. 

Number 1
Oda Sakura. My number 1, forever. I love Oda. She is so beautiful and her voice is the best one I heared since Airi. I will fight anyone who says she can not sing. I am so happy she is in Morning Musume and gets to be in front so much. She is so great live and always makes me smile with her preformances. Yes ODA!!


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