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Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Jiriri Kiteru

Because there aren't really any rules, I decided to do another one because I feel like it. I am currently in full on Halloween mode! My randomizer said we will be doing: Jiriri Kiteru Single number: 10th single Year: 2006 Singles sold: 19,273 Versions: 2
1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it? I remember thinking this song and Koi no Jubaku were very a like. But I don't remember when I found it, I probably heared it during a Berryz concert. I did like it, cause it's very dramatic.  2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture) These three cuties stole the MV for me. Super cute! 3. What do you like about this song and MV? I like the drama. It's very cool and tragic which makes it a powerful song. The Mv looks super good and I kinda love the crying effect. 4. What do you dislike about this song or MV? Nothing really. It is a very good song. 5. What do you think of the outfits? Cute, eventhough you can't really see the colors in t…

Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND

Today was another productive day and my brain is all pooped out. So let's give it some time to relax with a new Byeby Mata nee Berryz Koubou!!! With today: Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND Single number: 11th single Year: 2006 Singles sold: 20,325 Versions: 2
1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it? I heared this song for the first time when I was searching for Berryz Koubou songs. I loved how diffrent this one was and how it sounded kinda classic.  2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture) How could I not pick baby Rii here. Look how cute she is! I also wanted to post Yurina, but can't find a picture of her in this outfit.. Sorry 3. What do you like about this song and MV?  I love the ballon part in the MV, it's super cute. The song makes me think of grease and I adore those songs.  4. What do you dislike about this song or MV? Maybe that Saki, Chii and Maasa are background singers. And the MV is soooo fake, which might also be a pro. 5. W…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!! I can't believe it's already Halloween! Time is going so fast guys.  Anyway are you all going to do some spooky things today?  I wish I could say I will be doing something, but in the Netherlands Halloween isn't really a thing. We do have some stuff in the stores, but there are never any children trick or treating... Last year I did have a Halloween party at the school I teach at and that was fun. 
So next week is the end of this semester, which means exams.. Because I study for being a history teacher I have a lot of history to remember. Sometimes I enjoy it, sometimes I don't. I wanna learn, so I can teach. But sometimes I feel like we learn so many things we will never use in the regular education system. So I always kinda wonder why we learn those things and not things we are going to use. I also have these subjects about students and how to teach. I enjoy those subjects a lot and I have never failed them. But even those can get quite b…

Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Asian Celebration

Ah, I have done so much work today, let's relax a little bit with a new Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou! With today a disco tune!! Asian Celebration Single number: 31st single Year: 2013 Singles sold: 31,071 Versions: 6
1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it? In a live rip. I didn't really like it. I didn't think it was a horrible song, but it didn't really get to me until later.  2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture) Chinami looked amazing during this MV. Miyabi did with her hair down.. Anyway Chinami stole the whole show for me in this MV! 3. What do you like about this song and MV? I like that this song gets you pumped up. It's very fun and easy to sing. The MV was very disco like and I loved the dj parts. 4. What do you dislike about this song or MV? Maybe some parts got a bit boring and the MV was kinda flashy at some parts. 5. What do you think of the outfits? Mmmm.... I don't really like the zebra print. But I …

Fuu-chan again

Hey guys, Just a short post before I start on my homework (again..). Yesteryday I decided to reply to Kosuga Fuyuka's reaction.  So I sent her a little post with in (very bad) japanese: My japanese isn't good, but I am your fan! How are you doing? And I was so lucky to have her reply again!! いえいえ! 全然いいですっ!♪  嬉しいです(*ω\*)♡ありがとうございます♪  元気ですっ☆(^^) Which means something like: No no! Not at all, it's good!♪  I am glad!(*ω\*)♡ Thank you♪  I am healthy☆(^^)
So I am very very happy to hear from her! She is healthy <3!!!  Fuu-chan I will keep supporting you <3  Kate

Sayumi's graduation: I am worried

Okay guys this has been playing in my head for a while now...  Sayumi is graduating. Soon. Within 30 days.
We are getting so much "goodbye" Sayumi stuff: A solo A-side, a song dedicated to her, her history on a site and so much more. She has been given so much screentime on Music Station and Music Japan. She is everywhere.  Don't get me wrong: she deserves it. She has worked so hard for Morning Musume. BUT, the past few days I was getting quite sad.
I know she will be graduating and this will have effect on Momusu's sales, I know it will. But what really worries me is the future for the next graduating member.
This member (whoever it is) will never ever get a graduation like Sayumi. And that isn't really a problem, but how are they going to do it? I already felt sad for Risa that she didn't get her own graduation song, like Ai-chan did and let's not talk about Aika who didn't really get anything.  Sayumi is amazing and she deserves a great send off, but…

Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Dschinghis Khan

Today we will do another Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou before I start my schoolwork!  So my trustworthy randomizer told me to do: Dschinghis Khan Single number: 16th single Year: 2008 Singles sold: 37,096 Versions: 4
1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it? No I don't remember it... But I do know I loved this song from the first time I heared it. It has been on my mp3/ipod for ages! 2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture) No one in particular. They all looked and sounded great! 3. What do you like about this song and MV? Everything. The song is very catchy and the MV super creative! I can sing this song anytime of the day. It always makes me feel better. 4. What do you dislike about this song or MV? Maybe that only Momo, Rii and Miya got to really sing?  5. What do you think of the outfits? Mm they aren't bad, but kinda weird. I do thing they kinda fit the happy theme of the song. 6. Post a video of your favorite preformance of this s…

H!P Treasure box: Tamura Meimi

Another day, another treasure box! Today we are going to talk about: Tamura Meimi Name: Tamura Meimi Nickname: Meimei Birthday: October 30, 1998 (age: 15) Group: S/mileage
1. What do you like about this member? I love her voice. She has such a powerfull voice! 2. What do you dislike about this member? She sometimes can get annoying.  3. When was the first time you saw this member? The Shugo Chara musical! She fitted her role so much! 4. How did she look? (Picture) 5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in? Next to the Shugo Chara Musical, it was Tachiagaaru.
6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Oh that is a hard question... I think it was Choto mate kudasai... But I also have Tachiagaaru, so I don't know which one I got first XD.  7. What is a preformance you really enjoy of this member?
I actually wanted to post her solo of Lilium here, but for some reason I can't find it anywhere.. So if you have a moment go look for Mou Nakanai to Kimeta. But there are…

Blue Bird and Kosuga Fuyuka

Goodmorning everyone! It's another very gloomy and dark morning here.  I think I am getting into a post-summer blues or something.. Urgh I miss the sun. Currently I am waiting for some friends of mine, cause we were going to study over skype.
So I have some time to write another post! These days I have been listening a lot to Blue Bird by Ikimono Gakari, which is one of the best songs I have ever heared!! It is so catchy. I found it thanks to my little brother, who plays Taikou no Tatsujin. And the song was on there, so now my day starts with Aoi Aoi ano Sora. If you don't know the song, please give it a listen! It is worth your time!

Another thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is actually a girl named Kosuga Fuyuka!
Doesn't that name ring a bell?
It's a former sub- member of S/mileage and a former Kenshuusei! Urgh I feel so bad for her these days. She was originally ment to be a S/mileage member, but do to her health, she couldn't stay in the group. I was ex…

Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou- Otakebi boy WAO!/ Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

Hello everyone! This is my first Byebye Mata Nee Berryz Koubou post! We are going to have a look at one of their singles and we will answer some questions about it. Ofcourse our first single was selected by the randomizer and it's a double A-side to make it easy.. Otakebi boy WAO!/ Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda Single number: 22st single Year: 2010 Singles sold: 35,002 Versions: 6
1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it? Both songs when they were released. This was the first release of Berryz Koubou that I really followed. I loved both songs a lot, because they were diffrent. Otakebi boy was super cool, while tomodachi was super sweet. 2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture) Otakebi boy must be Risako. I loved how she shined in that song. Tomodachi is Yurina and Chinami because they are just awsome and they looks so good! 3. What do you like about this song and MV? Otakebi boy Wao: I adored the song from the first time I heared it. It is …

You are busted and new corner announcement

Hello hello everyone! Today is another quite lonely day for me. My boyfriend, dad and mom are at work and my brother is at school. So here I am, trying to start with my homework. I do get to babysit the dog of my parents in law, which is awsome because he is super cute! He is one of my best friends, eventhough he is just a little doggy.  Yesterday I had to teach my class for the first time. It was quite exiting and I think it went pretty well. They weren't that noisy and they got exited about the project I made for them! So that is amazing news. We also has a test for them and sadly I caught one student trying to cheat. I hate it when they cheat, cause I have to bust them. But on the other hand: Cheating is wrong and so I told the student why I busted her. She was still very mad at me though....
Since we are going head first into the winter, it is getting really cold. At night I have trouble getting and staying warm. Urgh I hate cold... I don't really know what to wear these …

H!P Treasure box: Miyamoto Karin

It's finally time for a new Treasure box everyone! Ah it has been a while. And today we are having a look at a girl that has the nickname of H!P Jesus: Miyamoto Karin Name: Miyamoto Karin Nickname: Karin, Kopink Birthday: December 1, 1998 (Age: 15) Group: Juice=Juice
1. What do you like about this member?  I like how she can rock certain lines (like her black butterfly line near the end). 2. What do you dislike about this member? It's not that I dislike Karin, but I dislike how Juice=Juice sometimes feel like Karin and Juice=Juice. She is in front so much and she gets so much lines, it kinda annoys me. And I wish she kept her hair longer, caus she lookes adorable! 3. When was the first time you saw this member? In Shin Minimoni!  4. How did she look? (Picture) 5. What was the first song you ever saw this girl in? As in very first: And first with Juice=Juice
6. What was the first cd you bought with this girl in it?
Juice=Juice's Watashi ga iu mae ni Dakishimenkya ne 7. What is a pref…

Homework, homework, homework and a little bit of minecraft

Hello hello everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been posting a lot. Time is flying by so fast it kinda scares me.  In a week or so I have my horrible week of exams and I have to study for it.  I have to say that sometimes I kinda enjoy learning, but most of the time I just don't wanna start.  I have been playing Minecraft for quite a while now and I really enjoy it. I like playing it with my boyfriend and since this weekend two of my friends are playing it too. We have a server and we have a lot of fun, but it mean every evening I am playing it with them and I don't really have time to write on my blog. Which is kinda stupid.  But I like being social with them!
As you might have seen: I am obsessed with the 12th gen of Morning Musume. I really think this generation is so amazing and after seeing the audition footage, I can say this is a really powerful generation.  Ogata Haruna reminds me of Mitsui and Fuyuka. She is very cute and so beautiful! Nonaka Miki is pretty and has …

My wish is granted!

Hello everybody! How are you all doing? In today's Hello!Station we got some awsome footage of Momusu's golden auditions!
We get to see Haruna and Miki sing and dance for the first time!
I always feel like seeing audition footage makes me bond with the new girls. You get to see their ups and their downs, their hard work and their struggles!
I really love it! Please have a look.

Juice=Juice: their lives are not just for show

Hello Hello everyone, Today I am going to make a post about the Youngest H!P group: Juice=Juice.
I have been thinking about this post for quite some time now, but with their latest single released I thought it is time. So let's talk about Juice=Juice. Juice=Juice has celebrated their 1st anniverary and their first debut anniversary this year. A few days ago they had an event called JuJu day (10/10). I can't believe they aren't a new group anymore, but somewhere inside of me I do see the freshness of this group is kinda getting of.
When Juice=Juice was formed we had 3 Kenshuusei Aces and 3 kinda fresh faces. Juice=Juice was fresh, it was new and it has an umpf I had been missing in H!p. Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne was just so diffrent. Everyone was so exited about this group. Samidare was also populair, while ten made nobore was kinda meh (probably because it was pushed in and kinda rush.  When Aina left, it was a bit of a tragedy, but it did give Juice=juice some…

I hate being sick

Hello Hello everybody! I can't believe it, but once again I'm sick...
Yesterday I was in bed all day with a pretty high fever. I hate having a fever and feeling crappy. My wonderful boyfriend took great care of me and today I am feeling better. I still have a fever, but I can at least sit downstairs and I can do some things on the internet again (not to long, but it's something!).  We have a Autumn break here, which means I don't have to teach today! So that is quite nice. In just a few days Morning Musume '14 will release their 57th single! I preordered mine, so I can't wait for it to come (with Juice=Juice's 5th single!!). I do think this single is really good.  Tiki Bun is just a really good, kinda mainstream Momusu song.  Shabadabadoo~ is a perfect song for Sayu, super cute and pink! Mikaeri Bijin tells the feelings of the girls (and fans) so well!' Sometimes it's quite hard to believe a single is someone's last single. I mean I know this si…


Dear everyone. Thank you from the bottem of my heart for all your views! I can't believe my little personal blog already has so many views! Thank you for everything and may you have a wonderful day!
And a big thank you to: Idolminded I am very thankful for your comments and I love reading them! Kanazawa Kate


Hello everyone! What a rainy day... And it's getting cold.  I can't believe we are already heading for winter! I have been so addicted to the 12th gen Momusu members and the 3th gen S/mileage members! It's so much fun having new girls join! I couldn't help myself and so I ordered some photosets from Miki and Haruna. Urgh they are so adorable! (not that I don't like Akane and Maria!).  Seeing this weeks Hello!Station was such a great episode! I loved seeing the 12th gen interact with Morning Musume and that part where Kanon and Ayaka told the 3th gen members they were choosen was just amazing! I highly recommand watching it! I'll post it below: Do you guys also have days where you plan to do a lot and in the end you kinda did nothing? I'm having that a lot lately and I know I should do something about it. But well maybe it's just passed summer blues or something. Everything I do just seems a bit boring, I don't know why.  But anyway! It will all be …