Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Jiriri Kiteru

Because there aren't really any rules, I decided to do another one because I feel like it. I am currently in full on Halloween mode! My randomizer said we will be doing:
Jiriri Kiteru
Single number: 10th single
Year: 2006
Singles sold: 19,273
Versions: 2

1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it?
I remember thinking this song and Koi no Jubaku were very a like. But I don't remember when I found it, I probably heared it during a Berryz concert. I did like it, cause it's very dramatic. 
2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture)
 These three cuties stole the MV for me. Super cute!
3. What do you like about this song and MV?
I like the drama. It's very cool and tragic which makes it a powerful song. The Mv looks super good and I kinda love the crying effect.
4. What do you dislike about this song or MV?
Nothing really. It is a very good song.
5. What do you think of the outfits?
Cute, eventhough you can't really see the colors in the MV. 
6. Post a video of your favorite preformance of this song.
7. What is your favorite line in this song?
mabushii anata
anata anata
natsu nara JIRIRI KITERU
8. If this song was ever preformed as a shuffle, who would you want to sing it?
Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Oda Sakura, Okai Chisato, Tamura Meimi, Kanazawa Tomoko, Inaba Manaka, Murota Mizuki.
9. What is your favorite cover?
10. Do you own this song on cd?
NOOOOOO :( I really don't have that much Berryz Cd's I think. Most of them are newer. 


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