I hate being sick

Hello Hello everybody!
I can't believe it, but once again I'm sick...
Yesterday I was in bed all day with a pretty high fever. I hate having a fever and feeling crappy.
My wonderful boyfriend took great care of me and today I am feeling better.
I still have a fever, but I can at least sit downstairs and I can do some things on the internet again (not to long, but it's something!). 
We have a Autumn break here, which means I don't have to teach today! So that is quite nice.
In just a few days Morning Musume '14 will release their 57th single! I preordered mine, so I can't wait for it to come (with Juice=Juice's 5th single!!). I do think this single is really good. 
Tiki Bun is just a really good, kinda mainstream Momusu song. 
Shabadabadoo~ is a perfect song for Sayu, super cute and pink!
Mikaeri Bijin tells the feelings of the girls (and fans) so well!'
Sometimes it's quite hard to believe a single is someone's last single. I mean I know this single will be Sayumi's last single and they say goodbye to her perfectly. But for some reason her graduation won't be real until the day Morning Musume '15 will release the MV for their first single without her. 
And eventhough I still get very sad thinking about her leaving, the 12th gen members do get me exited for the new Morning Musume!
I think they will do so well! I do wonder what Miki and Haruna sound like... But it will be very exiting!
I really like how the 12th gen is already doing so much with the current Momusu!
Anyways I hope you all have a great day and see you soon!
(tomorrow I have to go to the hospital with the boyfriend... Only for his teeth, so it will be fine).


  1. This single is a definitely a production of its time, a transitional moment for Morning Musume '14 and their community.

    Regardless, get well soon!


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