Hello everyone!
What a rainy day... And it's getting cold. 
I can't believe we are already heading for winter!
I have been so addicted to the 12th gen Momusu members and the 3th gen S/mileage members! It's so much fun having new girls join! I couldn't help myself and so I ordered some photosets from Miki and Haruna. Urgh they are so adorable! (not that I don't like Akane and Maria!). 
Seeing this weeks Hello!Station was such a great episode! I loved seeing the 12th gen interact with Morning Musume and that part where Kanon and Ayaka told the 3th gen members they were choosen was just amazing! I highly recommand watching it! I'll post it below:
Do you guys also have days where you plan to do a lot and in the end you kinda did nothing? I'm having that a lot lately and I know I should do something about it. But well maybe it's just passed summer blues or something. Everything I do just seems a bit boring, I don't know why. 
But anyway! It will all be alright! Upcoming week will be quite a busy one, so I don't know how much time I'll find to write and maybe I should just work on school instead of writing. 

There was just one other thing I wanted to talk to you guys about. I live in the Netherlands and yesterday something quite terrible happend. A student(15 years old) was killed by another student (16 years old) yesterday at their school. This is really terrible. I'm studing to become a teacher, so this is really scary. The boy who got killed got into a fight with the other boy and for some reason he was than killed with a knife. I don't really know what the reason was for this, but I heared somewhere that the 16 year old was bullied by the 15 year old in horrible ways. Like I said: I don't know if this is true but I wanna talk about this for a little bit, cause I have been bullied a lot.
Been bullied is horrible. It feels like everyone is against you and sometimes you feel so lost. I was bullied when I was between 8 and 13. And guys, if I look back at that time: I don't even know why they bullied me. I was quite a normal kid, I loved the things everyone loved and I was pretty nice. I never really was mean to people and I didn't really do any weird or strange stuff. But for some reason one day everybody said that I bullied a girl in my class (which I didn't cause she was my best friend, or so I thought) and from that moment on, I didn't fit in anymore. I was alright with the not fitting in. I didn't mind playing on my own and doing stuff with my brother or parents. I did however hate it when they would gang up on me or laugh about me or tell me I was the only one not invited. There were days that I didn't wanna go to school, but in the end I always went.
I really know how hard life can be when people bully you or pick on you. I know what it is to not be choosen for a team or not being invited to a party. But I learned from it. I learned so much. I know am who I wanna be and I like what I wanna like. I don't really care about what other people think of me (as my brother, he is kinda scared about me not being ashamed of anything). But I know this took quite some time and it took courage. And not everyone has this. Now that I am teaching I always have this radar on in my body. I listen everywhere and I try to see everything. Stopping bullies is my number one priority while teaching and I'm trying my best. Last year I has to talk to one kid a thousand times and give him detention, before he finally stopped bullying. I had to teach my class about the possible outcomes of bullying, before they understood how horrible it could be and how it could ruin other peoples lives. But the problem was guys, they didn't understood it. And it was not because they didn't want to (after hours of detention they did want to understand), but they just couldn't get it into their head that other people have feelings. That words can hurt. 
I'm sorry for the long story, but I just wanna ask you to stand up for people who are getting bullied. They have such a hard time. 
And if you are bullied, it doesn't matter why:
Stay strong, Don't hurt the bully and above all:
Stay yourself, cause you are awsome!

Thank you all for sticking with me and making me happy to be me!

P.s. if you ever need someone to talk to you can send a personal message to my facebook page! I'll try to anwser as soon as possible:


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