You are busted and new corner announcement

Hello hello everyone!
Today is another quite lonely day for me. My boyfriend, dad and mom are at work and my brother is at school. So here I am, trying to start with my homework. I do get to babysit the dog of my parents in law, which is awsome because he is super cute! He is one of my best friends, eventhough he is just a little doggy. 
Yesterday I had to teach my class for the first time. It was quite exiting and I think it went pretty well. They weren't that noisy and they got exited about the project I made for them! So that is amazing news. We also has a test for them and sadly I caught one student trying to cheat. I hate it when they cheat, cause I have to bust them. But on the other hand: Cheating is wrong and so I told the student why I busted her. She was still very mad at me though....

Since we are going head first into the winter, it is getting really cold. At night I have trouble getting and staying warm. Urgh I hate cold... I don't really know what to wear these days because it's that kind of temperature that when then sun is not shining it's freezing, but when the sun does shine it is actually quite hot.

News from H!P is coming slow these days. Nothing is really happening (which is good, cause I don't want any destractions while learning). These last few days I have been quite nostalic about Berryz Koubou. I can't believe how fast time is going and seeing them prepare to go on a indefinite haitus makes me so sad. I do adore Romance no Katatte!!
I am thinking of starting another corner until they leave in which I will talk about their single from Anata nashi to Romance wo Katatte at random (cause random is fun!!). I want the corner to be called:
Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou
Oh I like this idea! Okay guys there will be a new corner! It is decided! I'll try to post as much as possible and If I get out of singles we will just talk about their album songs and B-sides!! '
Questions I will answer:
1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it?
2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture)
3. What do you like about this song and MV?
4. What do you dislike about this song or MV?
5. What do you think of the outfits?
6. Post a video of your favorite preformance of this song.
7. What is your favorite line in this song?
8. If this song was ever preformed as a shuffle, who would you want to sing it?
9. What is your favorite cover?
10. Do you own this song on cd?

Okay guys, I am going to let the doggy pee and when I come back I will start! Got myself all exited again!
Bye guys thank you for sticking with me!



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