Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou: Dschinghis Khan

Today we will do another Byebye Mata nee Berryz Koubou before I start my schoolwork! 
So my trustworthy randomizer told me to do:
Dschinghis Khan
Single number: 16th single
Year: 2008
Singles sold: 37,096
Versions: 4

1. Do you remember the first time you heared this song? Did you like it?
No I don't remember it... But I do know I loved this song from the first time I heared it. It has been on my mp3/ipod for ages!
2. What is your favorite member in this song? (picture)
No one in particular. They all looked and sounded great!
3. What do you like about this song and MV?
Everything. The song is very catchy and the MV super creative! I can sing this song anytime of the day. It always makes me feel better.
4. What do you dislike about this song or MV?
Maybe that only Momo, Rii and Miya got to really sing? 
5. What do you think of the outfits?
Mm they aren't bad, but kinda weird. I do thing they kinda fit the happy theme of the song.
6. Post a video of your favorite preformance of this song.
7. What is your favorite line in this song?
Issho ni te wo kazase
8. If this song was ever preformed as a shuffle, who would you want to sing it?
Ikuta Erina, Sato Masaki, Nakajima Saki, Miyamoto Karin, Uemura Akari, Fukuda Kanon, Tanabe Nanami.
9. What is your favorite cover?
10. Do you own this song on cd?
I have it on the Berryz Koubou X C-ute Paris cd. I even saw them preforming this song live!!! But the single is still a wish list item.


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