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The last day of 2014

Hello hello everyone! Are you all having a good day? It's the last day of 2014 everyone!! In just a few hours (for me) 2015 will start and nothing will really happen xD. These two days always make me kinda feel weird, because a whole year has passed (again), but then again on the 20th of august of this year, we also passed a year since the 20th of august 2013, if you know what I mean. Today and tomorrow are just other days in our lives, we only kinda gave it meaning.  A lot of people always ask me; What are your resolutions for this year? Well it's always the same: Live healthier, save more money, spend more time on school and family. But you all know how this goes. I never really follow up on them and I don't even feel guitly. But anyway I totally understand how for a lot of people a new year means change or a better year. And I truely hope that 2015 will be awsome for everyone!  Currently H!P is having their countdown live concert. I heared that Country Girls preformed …

The best and the worst of 2014: C-ute's a-side ranking of 2014

C-ute's a-side ranking of 2014 Today is the last day of 2014! I can not believe how fast the time went by. Right now we are going to have a look at the next part of the best and the worst of 2014!! C-ute's singles are up and we have some amazing songs to look at. C-ute had 3 singles this year with a total of 6 a-sides. It was a very good year of C-ute songs, in which there was no song that I didn't enjoy!
Number 6 At number 6 we have The Power! This song is so diffrent from the songs I usually like, but it's really good. I like how the theme is very exotic and how the girls sound togheter. There is an amazing amount of awsome lines and this song overall is just very happy. This song is number 6, because eventhough this song is awsome, I really had to get used to it. It wasn't an instant love and that kinda makes me go meh about it when my iphone desides to play it.
Number 5 At number 5 we find a very cool song, it's THE FUTURE. This song is very fast and cool. I …

The best and the worst of 2014: Berryz Koubou's a-side ranking of 2014

This ranking already gets me sad just thinking about it. This will be the last time I will do a Berryz Koubou year ranking and I wish it wasn't true. I love Berryz Koubou and this year was such a good year for them. Berryz Koubou released 3 singles this year with each 2 a-sides. Let's have a look at them and which ones I liked best.
Number 6 Number 6 is the song that made me really afraid for the future of Berryz Koubou. Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? kinda predicted their graduation. The song was pretty cute and had really good parts in it. I really love the chorus and the bridge were Momo and Yurina sing.  I didn't really get the cowboy-like theme and the random horses. The bridge (the non-singing part) is really boring and kinda annoying. Overall I do like the song and I never really skip it, but it wasn't their best this year. 
Number 5 Number 5 shows us wat it is to be a woman or adult. Otona na no yo! has a very diffrent feel than number 6. It's more c…

The best and the worst of 2014: Morning Musume '14's top 5 MV's

Morning Musume '14's top 5 MV's This year had a lot of great Morning Musume songs, as we have seen in my song ranking, but today we are going to have a look at the bigger picture! I have made a top 5 of the best Morning Musume '14 MV's (according to me)! So let's start part 2 of the best and the worst of 2014!
Number 5 Password is 0 made it into my MV top 5 with TIKI BUN following very close behind it. Overall the MV was pretty boring: a normal close-up and dance-shot MV. But the girls did all look fabulous and the Matrix like effects really fitted the theme. Another thing that made the MV good was the dance. I really liked the Zero parts were they make zero's! This MV was not the best of Morning Musume '14, but it was pretty nice. 
Number 4 At number 4 we find the very pink Shabadabadoo~. I think this MV is a little masterpiece. It fits the song, it's cute and it has a lot of diffrent shots. There is so much to see in this MV, that whenever you watch …

The best and worst of 2014: Morning Musume '14's a-side ranking

Morning Musume '14's a-side ranking of 2014 This year Morning Musume '14 released a grand total of 8 a-sides! Let's have a look at only the songs and how much I love them!! Next will be the MV top 5!
Number 8 On number 8 we find: Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai. I really enjoy listening to this song eventhought it is really hard to sing. I really like Oda Sakura's part in this song. Her voice is perfectly showcased and you can really hear how much skill she has. The Chorus is really happy and gets everyone to dance. The Nippon parts make it catchy and make you wanna sing along.  Still I find myself skipping this song a lot. Some parts are really boring and the tempo of the song changes a bit to much for my liking. I think there are a lot of other girls who should have had a chance to sing, but Riho shows how much she improved in this song. 
Number 7 Number 7 is a song that changes place with number 8 a lot. Password is 0 is a very strong and fun song. I really adore some…