H!P Hidden Gems: Kioku no Meiro

Today we have such a cool song for this corner! I am totally fangirling over it again! 
Kioku no Meiro
Name: Kioku no Meiro
What kind of song?: B-side to  C/C (Cinderella/Complex)
Artist(s): High-King
Year: 2008

1. Is this song unknown or is it pretty populair?
I think this song is pretty populair or at least it was. I remember seeing it preformed quite a few times! I do think a lot of more recent fans do not know about this amazing song. 
2. What is a good preformance of this song?
(Finally a song that has quite some preformances!!)
3. Where there any outfits for this song? If not what are the outfits for the album/a-side?
They used the outfits for the a-side also for this song:
4. What makes this song good?
The beat, the sad feel and the amazing vocals. I really love the whole feel of this song.
5. When was the last time this song was preformed and by who? (if possible video).
Officially during the 2011 summer concert. 
6. Which part should people look forwards to?
Yuukarin's solo after the bridge. It give such an amazing contrat with the more heavy voices of Ai, Reina, Saki and Maimi. 
7. If this song was prefromed in the next H!P tour, what members should be preforming and in what kind of outfits? (Picture if possible)
Eventhough this song was preformed by High-King (the "leader" group) I guess I want the Aces or amazing vocals to preform it: Sayashi Riho, Oda Sakura, Yajima Maimi (she has to be there), Shimizu Saki (still in H!P), Tamura Meimi, Kanazawa Tomoko.
8. Ask one other persons opinion about this song:
Vivian-  Kioku no meiro used to be one of my fav songs! Yuukarin voice added a little something to the song which I loved! This song is always a nice listen from time to time
Sarah- Kioku no Meiro on the other hand is quite energizing. It makes me wanna get up and move about. It's a nice collection of voices put together. Skilled, but differing in sound~
9. Give this song a grade (1/10 with 1 being horrible, to 10 being awsome)
10! This song is one of my all time favorites. 
10. What is the "populair" rating for this song?
The offical number is 4. Because it has been preformed at four official concerts. There are more preformances I know of (Sayashi Riho, C-ute etc etc), but let's keep it at four, which mean this song is number 1 for now!
Bonus! This amazing preformance of Kioku no Meiro by Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina


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