The best and the worst of 2014: Berryz Koubou's a-side ranking of 2014

This ranking already gets me sad just thinking about it. This will be the last time I will do a Berryz Koubou year ranking and I wish it wasn't true. I love Berryz Koubou and this year was such a good year for them. Berryz Koubou released 3 singles this year with each 2 a-sides. Let's have a look at them and which ones I liked best.

Number 6
Number 6 is the song that made me really afraid for the future of Berryz Koubou. Futsuu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? kinda predicted their graduation. The song was pretty cute and had really good parts in it. I really love the chorus and the bridge were Momo and Yurina sing. 
I didn't really get the cowboy-like theme and the random horses. The bridge (the non-singing part) is really boring and kinda annoying. Overall I do like the song and I never really skip it, but it wasn't their best this year. 

Number 5
Number 5 shows us wat it is to be a woman or adult. Otona na no yo! has a very diffrent feel than number 6. It's more cool and grown-up. The melody is very catchy and It reminds me a little bit of a modern '70's song. I really adore the chorus and the bridge. This song is very Berryz and has a great vibe to it. I also like that everybody gets to sing! Risako's voice fits this song so well.
This song is at number 5 for the simple and sole reason that the other songs were just better. I adore this song and it's really really good, I just enjoy the others a bit more. 

Number 4
Running after eating, running to eat, at number 4 we have  1oku 3zenman sou Diet Oukoku. I loved this song from the first moment I heared a clear rip of it. It's so diffrent and kinda futuristic. I really love the sound of this song, eventhough it's not a song I would normally like. I think all the girls sound really good in this and everyone can kinda understand this song.
This song is such a nice song, but it ranked four because I kinda missed the Berryz vibe. These girls can make everything work, but it missed something that makes me skip this song more often.

Number 3
Number 3 and number 2 are actually a tie. I love both songs equal, only in a diffrent way. But if I really think about it I think Romance wo Katatte is at number 3. This song has everything I love about Berryz: amazing vocals, a happy, but mellow song and leaves me with such an amazing feeling. Risako and Miyabi have the leads, which makes me kinda sad, because it's their last single... But they pull it of so well. The chorus is very catchy and I adore the fuu fuu white romance!! I also adore the duet parts, in which they switch from duet partners. The song does have a bit of a christmas feeling, doesn't it?
I really love this song. It brings back so many Berryz memories.. But it's not perfect in my eyes and that's just because Rii and Miya have the lead, while they should all have had more lines or more of a unison... I really want that for their last single...

Number 2
On number two is the song that made noses bleed all over the world. Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni was the coolest song Berryz did in years. It is a very strong song with a very good beat in it. This song gives me a grown-up. working hard feeling. There are a lot of good parts in this song and the instrumental alone is a gem. 
This song is strong in a lot of diffrent ways. I really love how cool this song is, but still is kinda Berryz like. The ending might be one of my favorite endings for a song every. 

Berryz Koubou had such a good year, but my absolute number one is the song that made me think of not just this year, but all their years. Berryz Koubou is and will always be amazing and I can not think of the day they leave without a heavy heart. 
Number 1
Towa no Uta might be the only happy song in the world that can make me cry. When I first heared it, I found it kinda boring for their last single. But that moment the chorus started, my heart kinda skipped a beat. It was so Berryz and so emotional. "Never forget that song on that day". 
This song is so classic Berryz. It's happy, but still it has a message that gets to you. I really love how this song reminds me of all their previous songs and that bridge!! Miyabi's clear voice, Momoko's cute voice and then Risako's strong and emotional voice! I really love how they did this song. 
So I might have loved Romance wo Katatte more at first, but I totally understand how this song is their official goodbye song. It's perfect in so many ways. Berryz thank you for everything.

I wanted to post their official last song here 2, because if it would have been released this year, it would have been number 1. But it won't be officially released until the end of January, so it's just here because it's awsome.


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