The best and the worst of 2014: C-ute's a-side ranking of 2014

C-ute's a-side ranking of 2014
Today is the last day of 2014! I can not believe how fast the time went by. Right now we are going to have a look at the next part of the best and the worst of 2014!! C-ute's singles are up and we have some amazing songs to look at. C-ute had 3 singles this year with a total of 6 a-sides. It was a very good year of C-ute songs, in which there was no song that I didn't enjoy!

Number 6
At number 6 we have The Power! This song is so diffrent from the songs I usually like, but it's really good. I like how the theme is very exotic and how the girls sound togheter. There is an amazing amount of awsome lines and this song overall is just very happy.
This song is number 6, because eventhough this song is awsome, I really had to get used to it. It wasn't an instant love and that kinda makes me go meh about it when my iphone desides to play it.

Number 5
At number 5 we find a very cool song, it's THE FUTURE. This song is very fast and cool. I love the use of all their amazing voices in this song. I think they took perfect use of all their voices. There are some very catchy parts, which are easy to remember which is awsome. I really think Mai and Saki have improved a lot and I really like their voices here. And gosh Airi and Chisato proved again why they have some of my favorite voices in H!P, making such hard notes sound easy and perfect.
This song is at number 5, because I find the verses kinda boring. The chorus, the instrumental parts and the bridge really spark, but the verses are just boring. It's sad because that's why this song isn't in the top 3.

Number 4
This song has been released more than any C-ute song, but here it is again: Kanashiki Heaven (single ver.). This song has a lot of amazing things in it: the guitars, Airi-Chisa lead and the perfect use of harmonies. I have adored this song from the very first listen to the first version. I think this song will forever be a favorite of mine. This version is a little bit diffrent (again) and has some amazing new things, like the guitar in the beginning and the bridge.
This song is at number 4, because eventhough this song is amazing, I think we got enough releases of it already. We know Airi and Chisato sound AMAZING togheter and that this song was made for them. But it's time for something new! 

Number 3
The moment you hear number 3, you already get an idea of how fabulous it is! Love take it all is a very elegant and cool song. This song is fast, but is slower during the verses, which makes this song even more enjoyable. I really like the bridge and how much power the girls putt into the song. And Nakky's voice is fabulous in this song, like absolutly perfect. The last chorus is maybe the thing that makes me love this song so much. Mai taking such a beautiful note and Airi's whoh.
This song shows us not only the skills C-ute have, but also their vocal power. And maybe even more important they show us how the power of C-ute is not only in Maimi's, Airi's and Chisato's voices, but also in Saki's and Mai's. That's what makes this song awsome and special for me. 

Number 2
Number 2 might be the cutest song C-ute did this year. This song reminds me of early C-ute in a modern jacket. I really love how much they let Chisato use her voice in this song. This song makes me long to spring and the sun. Even just listening to this song makes me smile!
This song is at number 2, because I really think this song is perfect. Everbody had an amazing part in this song and it sounds so cute!! The Engrish makes this song even more cute and than the bridge. It's such a fun song to listen to!

We are already at number 1!! It's not a suprise which song won, but it's the song that blew me of my chair. I have had it on repeat for about 5 whole days? 
Number 1
C-ute released a lot of amazing songs this year, but I miss you topped them all. This song is very diffrent and there are so many diffrent things happening at once. I really love how they let them sing in small group and how they did the solo parts for Maimi and Airi. The I miss you part is my absolute favorite!
I miss you was for me the best song of 2014 for C-ute. It might have also been the amazingness of the MV, which we won't talk about here. But the feeling of the song really got to me and I think they used their emotion perfeclty.

I think C-ute has had a very good year and I can't wait what they will bring us next yeart. There must be quite some pressure on them, now that Berryz Koubou will leave. But they will be alright. If they keep these awsome songs coming, I will be happy!


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