ANGERME: Let the angels cry

As you all might know: S/mileage finally announced their new name!
They will go on under the name ANGERME, which doesn't mean Anger me, but Angel Tears.
Nakanishi Kana seems to be the one who came up with this name. It is made up of two french words: Ange, which means Angel and Larme, which means tear. 
The very first time I saw the name I really didn't know what to think. I didn't even know how to prenounce it. But when I saw Ayaka say the name, I kinda liked it. The french is beautiful and I think it sounds awsome in japanese. But it is quite unfortuned in English. From S/mileage to Angerme...
Still I think it looks beautiful in their logo and I love the tear in the A and the little wing!
Overall the "new" group looks very elegant and extremely modern and fresh. The white gives such a great feel to the group And the new members fit in very good. 
It might not suprise anyone, but the group also announced their first release, a double a-side single called: Taiki Bansei/Otome no Gyakushuu. It will be released on the 4th of febuary. 

I must say I am really happy for the 2nd and 3rd gen this whole change pulled through. They were worried about the group and I think this will let them make this group their own. I am kinda worried about Maro (Fukuda Kanon), she looks so unhappy in all the pictures and the announcement on Hello!Station. 
ANGERME does seem to be kinda diffrent from S/mileage, but who knows! Still it reminds me a little bit of just debuted S/mileage. The white outfits from Yume Miru, Ganbarre nakutemo and their first album. They might have had a younger and fluffier look, but still.
Anyway for now I guess I am really exited for them. The girls choose for this change, they also choose their new name! Please remember that! Who are we to say it's crap or not good when they were the ones to make this choice? Anyway I am happy about the name, I am happy Kana was the one of thought of it, I am happy they got to choose and I love the new profile pictures!!
I can't wait to see anything new from ANGERME. Covers, concertrips, radiorips! I hope we get something soon. For now I will mourn S/mileage, because it was a group I have loved since their start, but I will celebrate ANGERME!


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